A Canine Companion: A Deaf Dog’s Comfort Pillow

Nali, a deaf dog, was once listed for free on Craigslist and unfortunately, the family that took her in decided they didn’t want her. They kept her outside without any toys before finally surrendering her to a shelter. Fortunately, Dharma Lorenz found her there and became her new owner. She recalls that when she saw Nali, she knew immediately that she needed to take her home. Although her initial intention was to foster Nali and find a new home for her, Lorenz was so moved by Nali’s bravery and wagging tail, despite being scared and sad in the shelter, that she decided to keep her as part of her family. Now, Nali is happily living with Lorenz and even shares her love with her new deaf brother who also needs a loving home.

deaf dog and her travel pillow

Upon settling into her new abode, Nali sought comfort and guidance from her new older sister, Amba. Despite feeling anxious and intimidated by the new environment, Amba provided reassurance and safety to Nali. However, Nali occasionally required extra comfort, which led her to discover her travel pillow. Dharma Lorenz, Nali’s owner, observed Nali carrying her travel pillow to the couch and resting her head on it after returning home from a two-week trip. From then on, Nali made it her companion and took it everywhere she went. It appeared to provide her with solace and alleviate any fear or stress that she might encounter.

deaf dog and her travel pillow

Dharma Lorenz’s story tells us about Nali and her beloved travel pillow, which symbolized the comfort of a loving home. The pillow became her closest companion, reminding her that she would never be abandoned again. Nali never parted with the pillow, carrying it with her on walks and even to vet appointments. However, Nali eventually found someone who needed the pillow more than she did, so she let it go.

deaf dog and her travel pillow

Upon encountering Satchi at the shelter, Dharma Lorenz felt a connection to him similar to the one she had with Nali. Satchi, who was deaf and terrified, appeared confused and frightened when Lorenz first saw him. Her heart broke seeing how traumatized he was, but she knew he needed her help just as Nali had. Lorenz made an effort to take Satchi out into the yard and teach him some hand signals. He showed eagerness to please and waited patiently in the shelter for seven to eight months, with no interest from potential adopters. Despite this, Lorenz continued to work with him until, with only 24 hours left before he was scheduled to be euthanized, she decided to adopt him.

deaf dogs

Upon arriving at his new abode, Satchi gazed at Nali in the same manner that Amba had looked to her. Nali became his instant confidante and eased his apprehensions, much like how Amba had done for her. Through time and patience, Satchi gradually improved with the aid of Nali’s companionship. Finally, she bestowed upon him an incomparable present.

deaf dog

According to Dharma Lorenz, Nali once had a pillow and tried to play tug with it. Surprisingly, Nali let go of the pillow easily, which was unusual since they normally play tug with everything. It seemed like Nali knew that Satchi needed it more than she did. Now, Satchi sleeps with the pillow and brings it with him in the car to ease his anxiety. Nali passed the pillow on to him, hoping it would help him just as it helped her, and maybe someday Satchi will also pass it on to another dog who needs it.

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