A Furry Tale of Love: Abandoned Persian Cat Finds a Loving Home

Introducing Augustus, or as he’s affectionately known, “Gus Gus” – a charming Persian cat that was rescued in Nashville, Tennessee. Despite his striking looks and amiable personality, it’s difficult to imagine that Gus Gus spent several months wandering the streets before Madeline came to his rescue. In the following account, Madeline shares more about her beloved furry friend.

The concept of Love at First Sight came true when I met Augustus, who was my initial foster cat from Fluff Nashville. Augustus was given his name because of his amusing and absent-minded personality, which is similar to Gus Gus from Cinderella. He is a Persian blend that was saved after wandering on the streets for three months. When I went to collect him, I noticed his large blue eyes peeping up at me via his carrier, and I knew he had stolen my heart.

As soon as I extended my hand to caress him, he began to purr loudly, and I knew right away that I was smitten with him. When we arrived home, I noticed that he had a strong odor of waste and seemed famished, which led him to consume three servings of cat food in one go.

Fostering Frustration
Throughout the time we took care of him, tears streamed down my face on a daily basis when I thought about having to hand him over to somebody else. My heart told me he was destined to be a part of our family! Although we were already pleased with our two fantastic feline companions, Khaleesi and Toogie, I eventually convinced my spouse to allow us to acquire another.

Gus Gus turned out to be a foster pet that we couldn’t let go of, but the Fitzpatrick household has reached its cat capacity at three. Despite this, my spouse and I have successfully fostered close to thirty felines since then without any further permanent additions.

Can you describe Gus Gus’s character?
Gus Gus is the epitome of a lovable feline! As soon as I arrive home from work, he eagerly descends the stairs to meet me, letting out a series of meows. He’s always by my side, following me around wherever I go – he’s my constant companion and shadow.

My furry friend is always by my side, seeking affection and cuddles as we roam around the house. He enjoys snuggling up to me, particularly on my pillow, nestled beside my head. My husband is quite fond of him too, but it’s evident that he’s a mama’s boy at heart.

“Living Happily Ever After”
Gus is a fluffy boy, but don’t let his size deceive you! He may seem big, but he only weighs around 7 pounds. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure how old Gus Gus is, but according to the vet, he’s probably between 4 to 6 years old.

My furry friend absolutely adores the limelight when he’s all dolled up in his Halloween costumes! Honestly, I can’t help but admire how dashing he looks in them. It’s no wonder why people are smitten with him the moment they meet him!

Gus Gus is a social butterfly! From the moment anyone walks in, he warmly greets them without hesitation. It’s no surprise that he quickly becomes a fan favorite among our visitors, at the vet clinic, and even with his cat groomer. Having Gus around has added immeasurable joy and humor to our household, and he has genuinely become an integral part of our family.

Madeline is a dedicated foster parent for cats and kittens under FLUFF Nashville. You can catch a glimpse of Gus Gus and other adorable feline fosters by following their Instagram page for regular updates on their escapades. It’s worth noting that while Gus Gus may be an attractive cat, he’s a rescue. As advocates for rescue cat adoption, National Kitty strongly encourages individuals to consider rescuing instead of buying a particular cat breed. Many purebred cats end up in shelters and rescue groups seeking loving homes. Even if your desired breed isn’t available, it’s possible to register with a rescue organization and be notified when the right cat becomes available. Adopting a cat through rescue organizations is a more humane way of finding your ideal companion, so let’s adopt and not shop.

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