“A Grandmother’s Farewell Turned Into a Lifesaving Rescue for a Drowning Canine”

Raden Soemawinata had a tough day when he visited Brighton Pier in Melbourne to scatter his grandmother’s ashes in the sea. However, his day took an unexpected turn when he was given the chance to save a life while also saying goodbye to one. While at the pier, a small Maltese-shih tzu named Bibi fell into the water due to strong winds blowing across the bay. Sue Drummond, Bibi’s owner, was in a state of panic, fearful that her beloved pet would drown.


Without any delay, Soemawinata immediately removed his clothes and jumped into the water in his shirt and underwear to rescue the frightened puppy. Drummond and other bystanders watched anxiously as Bibi struggled in the water. Fortunately, Soemawinata was able to grab Bibi and bring him back to the pier. Drummond was ecstatic to have her little companion back and safe, and she expressed her gratitude by giving Soemawinata a warm embrace. It’s unlikely that Drummond had ever considered the possibility of such an event happening, but one thing is certain – if it weren’t for Soemawinata, Bibi might not have survived. Drummond admitted that she hesitated to jump in the water after him due to her doubts about being able to make it back to shore with a struggling dog.


If it weren’t for Soemawinata, things would’ve taken a different turn. Because Bibi is a tiny dog, she may have struggled to escape danger without his help. Soemawinata deserves recognition as a hero, not only because he happened to be there when needed, but also because he acted on his instincts. His swift intervention saved a life and brought joy to a grateful pet owner.



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