“A Love Story: Resilient Dog with Short Spine and No Neck Finds Forever Home with Unconditional Support”

Every dog is special and beautiful in its own way, and it’s essential to provide them with loving homes, regardless of their appearance. There is one particular dog that stands out from the rest due to his unique physical features. This dog was born without a neck and with only half a spine, which posed challenges for him, but he eventually found his perfect home. Cooper, an American foxhound, has a rare genetic condition known as “short spine syndrome,” which causes his vertebrae to fuse together and compress. According to reports, Cooper is one of only 30 dogs globally who have this condition.

According to Elly Keegan, the owner of the dog in question, his spine has fused in two different places – one on his neck and another on his rear. Consequently, the dog appears to have no neck and has to turn his whole body to look behind him. However, despite his unique appearance, the dog had a difficult beginning to his life. The dog probably originated from a puppy farm in Halifax, Virginia, and was deserted because of his birth defect. Furthermore, it is possible that his disability occurred due to inbreeding at the puppy mill.

In 2017, Cooper was discovered by rescuers and brought to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. However, his initial placement in a new home didn’t work out due to his tendency to chase their cats. Fortunately, Cooper found his ideal home with Elly Keegan and her family. Despite Cooper’s distinctive appearance – which may have caused some individuals to overlook him or even consider euthanasia due to his disability – Elly has a deep love for dogs with unique abilities and pledged to provide Cooper with all the love and assistance he requires.

According to Elly, she knew that Cooper would require medical assistance, but she was fortunate enough to have the backing of Secondhand Hounds. Although the dog faced several medical complications in the beginning, such as a neck fracture in five different areas and a bone infection.

Cooper’s situation has shown signs of progress in some aspects. According to Elly, his congenital abnormality caused him to have his “bottom on his back,” but a surgical operation has provided him with the ability to independently use the restroom.

According to Elly, Cooper remains the happiest dog despite all odds, and people love to see him. Everywhere he goes, he draws attention, and he loves it. He has many fans on Facebook, as he is an incredibly friendly dog.

Every single dog deserves love and attention, regardless of their appearance or any special needs they may have. We are absolutely thrilled that Cooper has finally found his forever home where he can be cherished and accepted just as he is.

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