A persevering feline in search of a caring home to conquer challenges as a team.

This feline has had her fair share of shelter life and is eagerly searching for a loving family that will stand by her side no matter what challenges may arise.

When Lily the calico cat was surrendered to Hamilton Animal Services in Ontario, Canada, she was around 3-4 years old. Salty Animal Rescue, co-founded by Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, took her in with open arms. According to the rescue, the reason for Lily’s rehoming was because she was urinating outside of the litter box, possibly due to being harassed by the other cat in her previous home. Although Lily was initially a bit shy, she warmed up to volunteers quickly and began seeking affection. She was later adopted to a second home, but unfortunately, she was returned over a year later.

According to the rescue, Lily’s adopters are having ongoing problems with her using the litter box and have decided that another family may be better suited for her. This is a common reason for cat rehoming. Despite being only five years old, Lily has already been rehomed once before, so it’s important that she finds a loving forever home where she can feel safe and settled.

Laid-back Lily is a feline who enjoys exploring, seeking out her human companions, and then basking in the pleasure of chin and belly rubs. She’s happiest when she’s the sole four-legged creature in the household, relishing all the attention for herself. All she requires is a compassionate family who will care for her with tenderness and patience, committed to providing her with a forever home.

According to the rescue, Lily may exhibit some typical calico cat behavior at times, but once she feels at home, she becomes a charming and affectionate fluffy kitty. She generally enjoys lounging around like any other domestic cat and delights in snuggling and being petted by her human companions. Additionally, she is quite fond of making biscuits when she’s not resting.

Lily finds solace in tranquil surroundings, where she can unwind and indulge in kneading on a velvety throw. With her proficiency at purring, she is an adept lap cat who will eagerly snuggle up with you for hours on end. She takes pleasure in viewing bird videos on a computer alongside her human companions.

According to the rescue, it is entirely feasible for Lily’s problem with the litter box to improve or even disappear through experimentation. “Lily arrives at our shelter overweight, and we anticipate that with some effort, she will continue to lose those extra pounds. This may also aid in resolving her litter box problem!”

Lily has had a few experiences with shelter life, and she’s now eager to find her forever home. It’s important that she ends up in a place where her new family will be supportive and understanding, helping her through any challenges she may face. Ultimately, Lily just wants to be accepted for who she is, an adorable and typical little kitty.

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