A Shocking Realization: Owner Finds Out Her Beloved Dog is Actually a White Fox

At times, we assume we know someone only to be proven entirely mistaken. It’s a situation that everyone has experienced in their life. In the same vein, we often believe we’re raising a particular breed of dog, like a Japanese Spitz, when, in reality, we could be looking after a white fox without knowing it. This may seem unlikely, but it’s precisely what happened to a woman residing in China.

After buying a delightful Japanese Spitz pup from a pet store in China, Ms Wang was thrilled to have it as a new member of her family and smother it with affection. She spent almost a year taking care of the adorable little furball, but eventually, she began observing peculiar behavior and habits in her furry friend.

The Daily Mail reported that the puppy began to show some unusual behavior when it turned three months old. It stopped eating its regular dog food and its coat became thicker. Additionally, its facial features appeared more pointed, while its tail grew longer, which is not a common trait among typical dogs.

It was quite peculiar that the adorable little pup never made a sound, not even a bark. Ms Wang couldn’t help but feel uneasy about it. Little did she know that her furry companion, whom she thought was a Japanese Spitz, was actually not even a dog at all. The realization left her feeling surprised and bewildered.

As per the Daily Mail report, it was the park visitors who gave Ms Wang the idea that her pet “Japanese Spitz” might actually be a fox. She observed that other dogs at the park were hesitant to play with her pup, which led her to take her furry friend to the zoo for confirmation of its breed.

Ms Wang brought her beloved pet to Taiyuan Zoo, only to find out that it was actually a domesticated fox. This was devastating news for Ms Wang, who had devoted almost a year to taking care of her furry friend. Despite her immense love for the animal, she understood that a wild fox would not be content living as a pet.

After careful consideration, Ms Wang made the difficult choice to give her beloved fox to the zoo. She believed that it would provide the animal with a better life, as it would receive appropriate care and be able to live in an environment with other foxes. Fortunately, Ms Wang is still able to visit her former pet, and she can take comfort in knowing that it is being properly cared for. In the end, this was probably the best outcome for everyone involved. For the record, Japanese Spitz dogs bear a striking resemblance to white foxes.

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