Brave Samaritan Saves Stranded Bobtail Kitten and Reunites it with Sibling

After ensuring the safety of the female cat, he bravely returned to rescue her younger brother.

Snowdrop, one of two kittens, was brought to Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland. Fortunately, she found a fosterer soon after. However, her brother Mistletoe was not as healthy and was discovered by the caregiver with a crusted shut eye. The staff member assigned to care for Mistletoe worked tirelessly to nurse him back to health, as he was very sick upon arrival with an eye infection and parasites. Despite his poor condition, the staff named him Mistletoe because of his undeniable cuteness. While Snowdrop thrived in her new indoor environment, her brave and outgoing personality shining through, she missed her brother. He continued to receive round-the-clock care, but thankfully, he was saved just in time.

Thanks to round-the-clock surveillance and unwavering affection from his caretaker, the Bobtail feline’s eye healed completely in just under a week. He also packed on some pounds and substantially increased his stamina. This was the moment when the rescue team realized that he was nearly prepared for the highly anticipated reunion with his sibling.

Mistletoe, the adorable kitten, received a refreshing and much-needed bath to keep him tidy. Despite his dislike for baths, he showed great resilience and did not utter a single complaint. What a brave little feline!

A few days back, the two brothers finally met again! Although Mistletoe was a bit hesitant at first, they quickly warmed up to each other after a few sniffs and playful swats. Brianna shared with Love Meow that in just a matter of hours, they were already playing, wrestling, and running around together just like old times.

The foster home is currently hosting two adorable kittens who are spending their first Christmas together. The bonding between these two is remarkable since they have been inseparable since their reunion. As soon as they gain the necessary size, they will be up for adoption.

At present, their happiness stems from being reunited with one another.

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