“Canine Best Friends Keep Their Bond Strong with the Help of FaceTime”

Sadie and Rollo, two furry companions from Canada, formed an unbreakable bond during the pandemic. Unfortunately, Rollo’s owner had to relocate because of work, leaving the dogs feeling lost without each other.
Determined to keep their friendship alive, the owners devised an ingenious plan to help the pups stay connected despite the miles between them.

On a weekly basis, the two dogs connect through FaceTime. Their responses to seeing one another are absolutely charming. Sadie, a husky and German shepherd combo, lets out a howl of greetings upon seeing Rollo. Rollo, who is a mix of rottweiler and German shepherd, responds with enthusiasm and whines back at her.

According to Sadie’s owner, Kayla McTeer, Sadie doesn’t howl much despite being part husky. However, she saves most of her howling for when she is on FaceTime with her friend Rollo, owned by Caitlin Banks. During their calls, Sadie throws her head back and puts her heart into howling while Rollo prefers to cry and whimper loudly while tilting his head at his friend. He is so thrilled to see her that it seems like he wants to climb through the screen.

The video shows two adorable dogs who are obviously excited to see each other through FaceTime. Their owners are planning a reunion for them soon, but in the meantime, they are happy to have these virtual meetings every Thursday. It’s heartwarming to see that their owners are doing everything they can to maintain the special bond between these two furry friends. This is a great example of how long-distance relationships can work, as long as both parties are willing to make an effort.

The adorable duo of these two dogs is not just visually appealing but heartwarming as well. It would be a delight to witness their reunion, which we hope their owners capture and share with the world. Their playful nature promises a lively and joyous occasion. These furry friends share an exceptional bond that is truly endearing. We hope you relished this charming video and don’t forget to spread the love by sharing it with your loved ones.

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