Confused Cat: Decoding the Use of a Baby Bouncer

Each feline has a distinct character – some would enjoy being showered with love, while others would prefer to have their personal space. Flynn, the protagonist in this tale, belongs to the latter type as he doesn’t appreciate constant cuddles from his owners. Nevertheless, everything changed when his mother got pregnant, and Flynn’s behavior transformed as he became caring and defensive towards her.

Rachel Franzen shared that her son, Flynn, began following her everywhere she went in their house. When she brought Rory, her newborn son, home and introduced him to Flynn, the older brother immediately formed a strong bond with his little sibling. Flynn adores Rory so much that he loves to play with all of the fun toys that belong to his little brother.

Flynn was absolutely ecstatic when he saw the brand-new baby bouncer and immediately believed it was meant for him to rule from. However, Flynn was unaware that the comfortable seat was not actually intended for his regal presence.

As per Franzen’s observation, Flynn likes to spend every morning on the bouncer and has made it his personal space. He takes pleasure in sitting on it, turning it over, and even demands belly rubs. This particular bouncer has become his go-to napping spot after he finishes his breakfast.

Every time Franzen wants to put Rory in the bouncer, Flynn beat him to it. To Franzen’s surprise, Flynn didn’t seem to be bothered by having Rory beside him. He might have been perplexed as to why Rory keeps trying to sit on his usual spot – the chair.

Thankfully, Flynn seems to have a liking for Rory and doesn’t have any issues with coexisting with him in the same space. They stayed cuddled up until it was time to say goodbye. Franzen observed that Flynn displayed his affection for Rory by giving his hand a lick and then proceeded to groom himself.

We absolutely love the connection they have and can’t wait to see all the cute moments they’ll have in the bouncer chair. If you found this heartwarming story enjoyable, please share it with your nearest and dearest! Source:

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