Crafting Realistic Animal Dolls: Moscow’s Artistic Genius Gives Sphynx Cats and Dogs a New Life

Introducing the talented Elena Alekhina, an artist hailing from Saint Petersburg, Moscow. With a keen interest in porcelain dolls, she effortlessly produces realistic ones made from papier-mâché and printed fabrics. Her initial works included portraits of famous personalities such as Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, but she has since transitioned to creating animal toys as well. Elena’s passion for her craft radiates through her work, making her a truly remarkable artist.

She designs tiny cats and dogs clad in traditional Russian outfits and captures their images with famous landmarks such as Peter and Paul Fortress, Kazan Cathedral, Fontanka River, and Griboyedov canal serving as the backdrop.

According to the artist, her doll represents a perfect blend of different art forms such as painting, sculpture, jewelry, costume design, and simulation. She further adds that her creation is a reflection of her vision of beauty and how she perceives the world around her.

According to the artist, creativity in the present era is expected to be unusual or bizarre.

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Additional details can be found on the YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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