“Doggie Diva: Meet Madame Eyebrows, the Pup with a Perpetual Pout in Tempe”

Have you ever been smitten by the charming brows of a puppy dog? It’s common knowledge that “puppy dog eyes” are absolutely adorable, but this English bulldog has taken cuteness to the next level with her striking features and expressive “eyebrows.”

Meet Madame Eyebrows – she was born with two spots above her eyes that give the appearance of actual eyebrows. Her bushy brows give her a melancholic look, which is oddly amusing. She resembles more of a Sad Dog than a Grumpy Cat.

Do you get it? As per the owner of Madame Eyebrows, the pooch always appears gloomy due to its unique eyebrows. However, the dog is content even though it looks sad as expressed by the owner. The owner further added that the furry friend is delighted and displays its affection by wagging its tail.

Take a glance at this adorable dog’s Instagram account with more than 100,000 followers, and you’ll witness her charming qualities. Despite that, you may often wonder why she appears downcast. But just take a look at her in the morning, and you’ll instantly be greeted with her best side – a cheerful and happy face. So, there’s always some positivity to be found!

It’s been speculated that dogs might not have brows akin to humans. However, as per the Canidae Pet Food website, dogs communicate through the ridge above their eyes, which would typically be construed as their brows: “Certain breeds exhibit marks over their eyes that people perceive as brows, for instance, German Shepherds and Rottweilers.” Although dogs don’t possess authentic brows, they have a ridge over their eyes that can be utilized to express varied emotions, much like we do.

Madame Eyebrows has a strikingly large brow that she could use to express her feelings, but she prefers to let us decide how she’s feeling. Despite her “sad brow,” don’t be fooled by her emotions.

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