“Double Trouble: Kittens with Twin Tripods Overcome Lawnmower Tragedy, Dream of a Forever Home Together”

Introducing Jack Jill, our adorable kittens sponsored by Meow Mail for this month! These two furry triplets are an unstoppable duo. Despite a traumatic experience that almost cost them their lives, they were able to bounce back, thanks to the kindness of strangers who lent a hand when they needed it most. When Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer from Community Cats of Central Arkansas, got a call from a veterinarian at an emergency clinic about the kittens who were accidentally injured by a lawnmower, she immediately stepped up to help.

While mowing the grass on her rural Arkansas property one evening, a woman encountered a devastating incident. She had no cats or kittens of her own and had never witnessed them on her land. Moreover, it was hard for her to identify anything in the tall grass she was mowing. The following morning, while on her way to her car, she heard faint cries in the distance. She continued looking for the source until she discovered two small kittens snuggled together, whimpering softly.

Coming to the Rescue

The moment the woman realized what had befallen the kittens, her heart sank. She immediately rushed them to an emergency veterinary clinic but was faced with a financial predicament. She didn’t have sufficient resources to pay for the emergency surgery that the kittens so desperately needed. The only options she was left with were either to pay for what she could afford, which was either medication or euthanasia.

According to Sarah, “The vet informed me that the kittens required immediate surgery and without it, they would need to be euthanized.” Sarah and her family didn’t have the funds for the emergency surgery, but they pooled whatever resources they had and financed the rest. They couldn’t bear to see the kittens put down.

The next day, Sarah brought the kittens to her private veterinarian for emergency surgery. Each kitten had to undergo the amputation of their back left leg. However, just when things started to look better, Sarah received more disconcerting news.

Sarah was unaware of the true age of the kittens when she first laid eyes on them. These delicate creatures were no more than five weeks old and weighed under a pound – they hadn’t even learned to feed themselves yet. Sarah was amazed that the small age of these kittens didn’t hinder their survival chances after undergoing such a challenging surgery. The procedure itself was risky, but Sarah had no other option but to take the chance. There was no hope for the kittens to survive without the surgery, but fortunately, it was successful! It was evident these tiny kittens were indeed mighty, possessing an unwavering determination to live. Despite their size and vulnerability, nothing could impede their unstoppable will to thrive.

Two Kittens with Similarities
Sarah has named her twin kittens, Jack and Jill, which suit them perfectly due to their resemblance. These siblings are so alike that it’s almost impossible to differentiate between them. The only way to separate them is by gender, with Jack being a boy and Jill a girl. Interestingly, they both have a missing back left leg which makes them identical tripods.

Jack and Jill have an unbreakable connection that is truly unique. It is their unwavering love and constant encouragement that has enabled them to overcome challenges and remain strong. Sarah has pledged to place them for adoption as a pair, as they are inseparable. Sarah firmly believes that separating them would be unfair, especially after all they’ve endured. “They rely on each other,” Sarah stated. “It’s unimaginable to me that we would separate them after everything they’ve been through.”

After undergoing surgery, Jack and Jill have successfully transitioned from nursing to eating cat food. Sarah expressed her admiration for the kittens, calling them “champs” for their resilience throughout the entire process. Although they are still learning to adjust to walking on three legs, they have already made significant progress. With the toughest part behind them, Jack and Jill can now fully enjoy their kittenhood. They are already playfully tumbling around and engaging with toys, showcasing their spunky personalities.

After rescuing two injured kittens from a nearby field, they will require multiple visits to the vet to ensure their recovery is going smoothly. Once they are of age, they will be fully examined by the vet, spayed/neutered, and ready to be adopted into their forever home! Despite setting up humane traps to find more kittens or their mother, the woman who found them was unable to locate any. It remains unknown how the kittens ended up alone in the fields, but everyone involved is grateful that they were found safe and sound. Sarah expressed amazement that the kittens managed to survive the night with their injuries, and is happy that they were rescued in time.

Assist Jack and Jill in Achieving Their Happily Ever After
The expenses for Jack and Jill’s medical treatment have left the rescue with a significant financial burden. Sarah, one of the leaders of Community Cats of Central AR, a small nonprofit organization in a rural community with high levels of animal cruelty, shared that they are presently rehabilitating over 80 rescue cats, most of which require critical care and large veterinary bills. You can support Jack and Jill’s medical costs by donating through the Meow Mail program.
Community Cats of Central AR relies on donations from kind-hearted individuals to continue rescuing cats and kittens that have suffered from neglect, abuse, or abandonment. By contributing as little as $10, you will be sent a progress photo and personalized message with heartwarming updates on how your donation has impacted Jack and Jill’s lives. Please consider making a recurring donation to obtain Meow Mail each month, supporting future cats and kittens in critical condition.

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