“Double Trouble: Twin Brothers Break British Record with Hefty 1.14-Ton Squash, Equal to the Weight of a Ford Fiesta”

A new record has been set for the biggest pumpkin in Britain by twin brothers, Stuart and Ian Paton. The enormous pumpkin weighs as much as a Ford Fiesta and is 189 times bigger than an average pumpkin. The brothers achieved this feat by watering the vegetable with 100 gallons of water daily, resulting in a staggering weight of 174 stone or 1,104kg (2433lbs). According to Ian Paton, the pumpkin grew by approximately 60lbs within 24 hours at its peak.

Stuart and Ian Paton, both 57 years old and twins, have succeeded in breaking the record for growing the largest pumpkin in Britain. Their achievement is depicted in the accompanying photo.

On Saturday evening at the Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival and Scarecrow Avenue in Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley, Hants, the brothers set a new record. They smashed the previous winning record at the event by growing a giant pumpkin with a circumference of approximately 20ft, and a stem as thick as a heavyweight boxer’s forearm. The two siblings, hailing from Lymington, are veterans in the field of growing enormous pumpkins, having triumphantly cultivated five pumpkins weighing over 2,000lbs in the last four decades.

The twin brothers are currently competing for the world record for the biggest pumpkin. One of the brothers, Mr. Paton, expressed his excitement, saying that it was amazing to have the second largest pumpkin in the world. He also mentioned that they still have some areas to improve on for next year’s competition and that they are determined to break the world record, even if it takes until 2019 or later. According to him, they won’t stop trying until they achieve their goal.

According to a passionate pumpkin grower, the key to growing enormous pumpkins lies in the quality of the seeds. He explained that they carefully cross-breed the best pumpkins each year to ensure that their seeds generate even more impressive results for the following season. In addition to superior seeds, the grower emphasized the importance of using light and fluffy soil, which can be found at his nursery in Lymington. Finally, he advised that plenty of water is necessary for success. The grower’s gigantic pumpkin will be showcased at London’s Old Covent Garden in anticipation of Halloween. Meanwhile, other growers at the recent pumpkin festival vied for second and third place, with Sam Hochstetler’s 1080.3-pound pumpkin taking second and Zachary Geyelin’s 1059.4-pound pumpkin coming in third. For now, the world record for the largest pumpkin remains firmly in the hands of Belgian Mathias Willemijns, who grew a monstrous pumpkin weighing 187.5 stone (2624 pounds) in 2016.

The photo captures the heartwarming moment of two brothers sharing a hug, celebrating their success in breaking the British world record for growing the largest pumpkin at the Autumn Pumpkin Festival.

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