“Emotional Video Call Reveals Heartfelt Cry for Love from a Lonely Furry Friend”

During my childhood, I struggled with severe separation anxiety. It’s not uncommon to miss our parents while they’re away, and the same goes for our furry friends. Our pets can become very unhappy and distressed when they’re parted from us. As a pet parent myself, I know firsthand just how emotional it can be to spend an extended period of time away from our beloved pets.



According to the woman’s daughter, her chow chow was having a conversation with her mom through FaceTime and expressing love for her. The dog seemed quite glum because the mother had been away from work for three weeks.


Although modern technology cannot replace physical closeness between pets and their owners, it can certainly serve as a temporary solution. FaceTime is one such instance where pet owners who are away for vacation or work can connect with their furry companions back home.

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