Introducing Dash – a 5-year-old inquisitive boy from Florida who is as adorable as he is peculiar! His mother, Danielle, narrates his story below.

It all began when I decided to adopt Dash and his sister, Dinah, from our local shelter located in Brandon, Florida. Interestingly, it was the same shelter where I had adopted my previous feline companion who passed away at the age of 15 the previous year. From a litter of four kittens, Dash was the only ginger boy who caught our attention with his inquisitiveness right from the start. And even now, five years later, his curiosity remains as high as ever.

Being Disney enthusiasts, my husband and I met while working at the reservation center in Tampa, we wanted to give him a Disney character name. So, we named him after the boy from The Incredibles movie, who has the superpower of running fast – just like our little Dash, who is always brimming with energy and unstoppable!

Dash was a sickly kitten who contracted parasites from the shelter, but we never gave up on him, and our weekly visits to the vet for the first month were worth it. Today, Dash is a bright spot in our lives, and we are grateful for him every day.

What are some of Dash’s favorite pastimes?
Dash’s idea of fun involves teasing and chasing his sister, Dinah, all over the house. He is also fond of playing with his catnip mice and kicker toy. The refrigerator/freezer holds a special allure for him, and he often sits by the door, waiting for an ice cube to drop so he can bat it around the kitchen. If he spots his toy mouse lying around after bedtime, he’ll bring it to his owners’ bedroom – whether it’s because he wants to play or to show his affection, no one can say for sure. Dash likes nothing more than cuddling with his owner in the recliner every night, where he’ll happily snooze in their lap for hours and get his belly rubbed.

How would you describe Dash’s personality?
Dash is a bundle of energy! He has a relaxed and easygoing disposition, but he also has a playful and silly side. He enjoys chasing his tail, sprinting around the house, and sweet-talking his way into the pantry for a little treat. He’s especially fond of those fancy drink umbrellas and will eagerly run off with one like it’s the greatest treasure in the world. Although he’s not picky when it comes to food, he has a particular weakness for crunchy Temptations cat treats and cooked chicken. Despite his independent streak, Dash loves nothing more than cuddling up to his favorite person and following them around like a devoted shadow. He’s even been known to curl up inside his owner’s makeup case while they’re getting ready in the morning, just to be close by.

Whenever I arrive home, Dash eagerly welcomes me in the kitchen and even becomes upset if I stay too long in the garage. Undoubtedly, he possesses a delightful ginger cat personality that adds to our family’s charm. It brings me immense joy and gratitude to have him as a member of our small but loving household.

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