“Feline’s First Homecoming: The Stray Cat Who Became a Mother upon Entering the House”

Be sure to hit the “Like” button on Love Meow’s Facebook page! Recently, a cat who had been living outside for quite some time was given the opportunity to come inside a home. Upon moving in, the feline quickly gave birth to a litter of kittens.

cat mom nursing kittens

Lucy is a cat that was in dire need of help about two weeks ago. Emilie Rackovan, an animal rescuer and foster carer, was informed of her situation. The feline was heavily pregnant and had been living outside as a stray for years. Her body was covered with scrapes and scratches. When Emilie arrived, she noticed that Lucy was about to deliver her kittens. To ensure the safety and comfort of the expectant mom, they set up a birth box with warm blankets. Lucy seemed content with her new home and even snuggled up to Emilie to show gratitude for her kindness.

stray cat inside home

Emilie’s heart was filled with relief as she saw Lucy, a cat who had been living on the streets for years, finally finding a home. Things took an unexpected turn when Lucy gave birth to four adorable kittens, two of each gender. Emilie thought the delivery was over, but fate had other plans for her.
After weighing each kitten, Emilie let Lucy tend to her little ones while keeping an eye on them through a camera. However, one day, Emilie noticed something peculiar happening amongst the furry family.

cat stray lucy

Upon arriving at her foster home, Lucy was already in labor. Emiliexfosters noticed that there was movement near her tail, but all of the four kittens were present. Upon closer inspection, two kittens were having difficulty exiting the birth canal. Without hesitation, Emilie helped Lucy deliver the kittens.

newborn kittens

Lucy, the cat, delivered a litter of four kittens and Emilie was pleasantly surprised with the arrival of additional kittens. Emilie, who fosters cats, was relieved that all the kittens were safe and sound, and Lucy seemed pleased with the assistance provided. However, Emilie left the room assuming that Lucy had given birth to all her kittens, only to return a few minutes later to find a seventh kitten. Despite her initial surprise, Emilie was confident that Lucy would not have any more kittens, and thankfully, her intuition was correct.

cat newborn kittens

Emilie returned to discover a new addition to her feline family – the seventh kitten. Regrettably, one of the kittens passed away due to an inherent disorder, but the other kittens were able to nurse immediately and began to grow healthily. Emilie acknowledged that losing a kitten is not uncommon for larger litters and emphasized the importance of spaying and neutering to prevent such incidents from occurring.

kittens newborn

@emiliexfosters mentioned that Lucy took on the role of a nurturing mother, taking care of her young ones by nursing, cleaning and keeping them warm. Meanwhile, Emilie ensures that the mother is also taken care of by providing comfort and love. Feeding six kittens can be challenging, but Emilie keeps a close eye on their weight to ensure steady growth for all.

cat mother nursing kittens

Lucy is thrilled to have found a secure abode where she can bring up her adorable litter of kittens, thanks to the generous support of @emiliexfosters. Lucy is completely satisfied with having a cozy shelter above her head and an abundance of delicious food to eat. She spends most of her time snuggled up with her six precious babies who are nursing away peacefully. Lucy takes great care of her little ones, ensuring that they lack nothing. This week, the kittens’ eyes are beginning to open, and some of them have already started showing their spunky personalities. Despite being tiny in size, they’re already displaying their pawsome cattitude.

hiss spit kittens

The little felines seem to have discovered their attitude, as they don’t hesitate to hiss and spit when they smell something unfamiliar. It’s crucial to socialize them at an early age to teach them that humans are not enemies but companions. Lucy feels grateful for her foster mother’s help in looking after her kittens while she takes some time off to relax and refresh.

tiny kittens

Lucy, who has endured years of struggling on the streets to stay alive, can now rest easy knowing she will never have to worry about finding food or shelter again. Once she raises her final litter of kittens, she will joyfully retire from motherhood and search for a loving partner who will cherish her for the rest of her days.

sweet cat mother

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