From a Cute Pup to a Mighty Beast: Lionel Messi’s Beloved Companion Now Towers Over Him

Lionel Messi, the renowned football star, is widely celebrated for his exceptional talents on the pitch. However, not everyone may be aware of his fondness for animals, particularly his darling puppy. Through a series of posts on social media, Messi has given his worldwide fans an insight into his relationship with his four-legged friend, melting many hearts in the process.


As the days went by, the once tiny and cute puppy has now turned into a huge dog that even surpasses Messi’s size! Nevertheless, despite its massive build, the football superstar’s pet remains as charming and lovable as ever, earning itself a special place in the hearts of Messi’s family.



In 2016, Lionel Messi made a debut of his pet dog Hulk on Instagram. It was just a puppy back then, whom he cuddled and posted a picture with him. Ever since that day, Messi has been sharing a lot more about Hulk, including his growth and charming nature, through pictures and videos.


It’s no secret that Hulk holds a special place in the Messi family. Interestingly enough, he has played a pivotal part in helping the youngest member, Ciro Messi, conquer his fear of dogs. Lionel Messi himself shared in an interview that his son was initially intimidated by Hulk’s large size, but over time, he has come to adore and enjoy playing with the affectionate and docile Hulk.



Messi’s cute puppy has transformed into a huge dog, but that hasn’t affected his irresistible charm and endearing nature. Hulk is now a cherished member of the Messi household, spreading happiness and providing companionship to everyone who interacts with him.

What’s truly heartening is that Messi’s affection for animals goes beyond his personal life, as he actively campaigns for the safeguarding and conservation of all living beings in the global community.

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