“From Abandoned to Adored: Rescued Puppies Find a New Family with a Loving Dog Mom”

Blossom, a dog who was residing in a shelter, faced immense emotional distress when she lost two out of her three newborn puppies in June. Her foster parent, Maggie Escriva, shared that Blossom became extremely restless and sad. However, a wonderful coincidence occurred when six puppies who were in dire need of a mother came into her life. Escriva, who is also the intake coordinator for Westie Scottie Rescue Houston, learned about a group of eight pups that were thrown out of a moving truck. Unfortunately, two of the pups passed away, but the remaining six were in need of care.

Escriva wasn’t certain whether Blossom would be receptive to the puppies. However, she decided to take a chance and it turned out well. Escriva reports that Blossom examined the puppies before snuggling up with them and caring for them. As a tribute to Blossom’s “garden,” the puppies were all given floral names. The dog family is doing well and flourishing.

According to Escriva, it’s truly inspiring to witness a gorgeous animal like Blossom endure a traumatic loss and devote herself entirely to looking after vulnerable puppies and rescuing them from danger. Blossom is demonstrating that the most effective way to recover from grief is by aiding others. Both the puppies and their mother will be available for adoption.

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