From Illness to Adorable: Mini Sombrero-Wearing Feline Flourishes as House Cat

A person living in Arkansas stumbled upon a weak cat wandering in an unfamiliar area, causing them to feel worried. Initially, the plan was to rescue and nurse the cat back to health, but it quickly became a puzzling medical case. Continue reading to learn how a perplexing rescue operation transformed into a mission to save the feline’s life with the assistance of community heroes!

An Unexpected Find
Mia Mae’s discovery came as a shock to everyone involved. A well-meaning resident stumbled upon her in a wooded area near a lake, and they immediately took her to the nearest animal shelter. The staff noted that she seemed quite wild and feral, making it challenging to handle her safely. As a result, they turned to Sarah Richardson, a well-known cat rescuer and foster from Community Cats of Central Arkansas, for assistance.
Even after arriving at the shelter, Mia Mae remained incredibly timid and refused to come out from under a pillow. She shied away from people and other cats, displaying clear signs of fear and anxiety.

The Mysterious Illness
Upon entering Sarah’s house, Mia’s condition immediately became apparent to her host. Even though Mia appeared to be around three to five years of age, Sarah noticed that she was “unusually small” and refused to eat anything. In addition to being severely undernourished and dehydrated, Mia Mae was infested with various parasites. Sarah did her best to treat the little girl, administering fluids and medication for the parasites. Sadly, Mia’s flea dermatitis had caused significant hair loss. Despite Sarah’s efforts, Mia still refused to eat, causing Sarah to grow increasingly worried about the child’s health.

The Enigma Unraveled
Sarah and Mia Mae’s visit to the vet for a spay surgery led to the resolution of a long-standing mystery. The vet team made a startling discovery during the procedure. According to Sarah, their initial intention was to determine whether or not Mia Mae had already been spayed. To their surprise, the examination revealed that the poor cat had been suffering from pyometra, an excruciating and fatal infection of the uterus. If left untreated, this condition can lead to death.

Learning from Experience
Preventing Pyometra is as simple as spaying your cats. Sarah recounted her experience with her cat’s internal infection and how getting her to the vet saved her life. Her vet advised her that the cat wouldn’t have survived if it had gone untreated. Sarah emphasized the importance of spaying and neutering pets in controlling their population, but more importantly, for their health and well-being. She noted that there are many reasons why cats should be spayed, and one of those is to prevent Pyometra, which can be fatal if left untreated. So, make sure to prioritize your cat’s health and consider spaying them today!

After Mia had undergone a spaying procedure and was given antibiotics to address her infection, her eating habits took a complete turn. From nibbling at her food, she started consuming up to five cans of Fancy Feast and tuna on a daily basis. It’s interesting to note that despite being a rescue cat, Mia is very particular about her food choices. After trying out different types of food, it was only these two that she would eat with any enthusiasm. Mia is now living pain-free and has become more active, playing with her foster family and snoozing on their laps. According to Sarah, who is taking care of Mia, they were able to witness a transformation in her personality, as she turned into a total lap cat once she had fully recovered from her operation.

Sarah’s children were instrumental in naming the rescue cats she took in, and they came up with a perfect name for Mia Mae that suits her personality. Mia Mae loves the moniker so much that she meows every time someone calls her by name. Sarah also noted that Mia Mae is very vocal and loves to communicate. Despite her initial skittishness and fearful behavior, Sarah soon discovered that Mia Mae was not feral but was instead in great pain. However, with Sarah’s care and attention, Mia Mae is now thriving and doing much better.

According to Sarah, the shelter had initially labeled Mia Mae as slightly feral. However, it turned out that she was just unwell at the time. Now that she’s healthy, Mia Mae is a pure joy to be around. She has even taken up playing dress up as her new hobby! Although at times, she seems more interested in playing with the clothes than wearing them. One of her favorite outfits is a tiny sombrero which she loves to pose in for the camera. Mia Mae also enjoys playing with the tassel on the hat and soaking up all the attention she gets while wearing it.

With a newfound vitality, Mia Mae beams with beauty that emanates from her healthy appearance. Her once frail figure has gained some much-needed weight, as her sleek and lustrous fur has been restored to its former glory. Her sweet, melodic meows resonate like the chime of bells, revealing her gentle nature. She’s a chatterbox who loves expressing her admiration and affection to her foster family. Before long, she’ll be all set for her forever home.

According to Sarah, Mia Mae must have had a previous owner as she is very kind and gentle. Despite posting about the lost cat on various Facebook groups, Mia Mae’s rightful owner was not found. Nevertheless, Sarah believes that Mia Mae will eventually find a home filled with love and care. Sarah and her family are more than happy to provide Mia Mae with all the affection she deserves until then. Sarah Richardson is an animal rescuer who specializes in saving adult and senior cats in critical conditions. Unlike other rescuers, Sarah takes in cats that may seem beyond help. She strongly believes in giving these felines a second chance at life when no one else will. Without Sarah, many cats like Mia Mae may have suffered a terrible fate.

Sarah’s rescued cats are flourishing and have found their forever homes with loving families. Sarah funds her rescue efforts entirely on her own. The medical care required for adult and senior cats in critical condition often comes with a hefty price tag and requires expert veterinary assistance. If you wish to contribute to Sarah’s mission by donating towards the medical care of a rescue cat, kindly click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to donate food and other supplies, you can visit Sarah’s Amazon wishlist here. All donations, no matter how small, go a long way in helping Sarah save more lives. Don’t forget to follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on her latest rescue efforts!

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