“From Overlooked to Adored: The Heartwarming Story of a Shelter Dog’s Three-Year Journey to Finding Love”

Meet Bella, the lovable bulldog mix with an irresistible underbite and a heart of gold. Despite her charming personality, Bella has been living in a shelter for over three years now, which baffles everyone who meets her. She was brought to the Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Belle Chasse, Louisiana as a stray, and while she initially seemed like any other dog at the shelter, the staff soon discovered that Bella is deaf. This hasn’t stopped her from being a people-loving pup who just wants to find her forever family.

According to Lacie Heritage, the animal placement coordinator for the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County, Bella, a deaf dog currently residing in the shelter, is an active and obedient dog who responds well to hand signals. Despite her deafness, Bella has mastered basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “down.” She enjoys human interaction and looks for cues from her caretakers to ensure that she is doing well. Bella was one of fifteen dogs taken in by the Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County after PAWS, the local shelter, faced a flood of homeless cats and dogs last year.

According to Heritage, Bella held the record for being the longest resident at their shelter. They took her in because they found her adorable and friendly, assuming that she would be adopted in no time. However, this did not happen, and although she was transferred to another shelter, she still remained in a kennel instead of a loving home. It seems that Bella’s continuous barking could be a reason for her unfortunate circumstances, as explained by Heritage.

According to Heritage, Bella tends to scare people away with her barking when they pass by her cage. This is because she is unable to hear and is confused about the commotion around her. However, as soon as she is out of her cage, her behavior changes entirely.

According to Heritage, Bella is a very affectionate dog who will shower you with love no matter who you are or if you are meeting her for the first time. All you need to do is give her treats and pets, and she will become your loyal companion. Bella is known for being the sweetest dog in the world. Apart from spending time with people, she enjoys going for walks, running around in the play yard, and licking peanut butter out of a Kong.

According to Heritage, Bella would thrive in a household where she is the only furry friend. Moreover, her ideal owner would be someone who is willing to dedicate time and effort to her care. Although there have been people who have shown interest in adopting her, it’s crucial to find the perfect match who will be committed to training her with hand signals and other methods to accommodate her deafness. Bella requires a devoted owner who can provide her with the attention she needs.

The Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County is optimistic about finding a new home for Bella, despite her long stay in the shelter. Heritage and her team are hoping that Bella’s kind nature will win over potential adopters. They understand that it is hard for Bella to spend so much time in a shelter and are eager for her to find a home where she can receive love and care every day. Bella has not shown any sign of regression, and the team at the shelter is confident that she will make a great companion for someone who is willing to give her a chance.

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