Heartbreaking Indicators: Insights from Veterinarians on the Final Moments of Dogs

If you’re not prepared to shed tears, it’s best to halt reading right now. A Twitter user and animal lover named @jessi dietrich has shared a heart-wrenching story about the question she posed to a veterinarian and the sorrowful answer she received.

On July 26th, a social media user shared a heart-wrenching post about the toughest part of a veterinarian’s job. According to her vet, when it comes to euthanasia, almost 90% of pet owners choose not to be present during the procedure. As a result, the animal’s last moments are spent searching for their beloved owners, which can be heartbreaking for the veterinarian and anyone who hears about it. The vet compared this situation to when we need our closest friends but they are not available, causing us to feel desperate and alone. Reading this post brought tears to my eyes as I’m sure many others can relate to the sadness and pain of losing a beloved pet.

After sharing a heart-wrenching tweet, the response has been overwhelming with hundreds of comments, over 140,000 likes, and 41,000 retweets. The majority of those who commented were pet owners who had gone through the difficult decision of staying with their furry friends during euthanasia. The consensus among animal lovers was that they only wanted to provide their pets with love and comfort during their last moments. Many shared their own experiences of how hard it was to make the decision.

It’s no surprise that a lot of individuals expressed their disapproval towards pet owners who left their beloved furry friends alone during times when they needed them the most. The person who initiated the tweet responded to the multitude of comments from people who felt saddened by it as it gained popularity. She stated that her intention was simply to raise awareness and not to hurt anyone’s feelings. She apologized for any unintentional harm caused.

It seems like she succeeded in spreading awareness as her tweet gained popularity. Soon after, a veterinary hospital in New Zealand posted a similar message on their Facebook page titled “from a tired, broken-hearted vet.” The post explained how animals look for their loved ones in the room and need comfort, especially when they are sick, afraid, old, or dying of cancer. The post also labeled those who do not stay with their pets as cowards, which received criticism for its violent language. Nonetheless, most comments were supportive, with many pet owners emphasizing the importance of being by their pets’ side until the end.

The message from Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital garnered an overwhelming response of 128,000 shares and 24,000 likes, just like their previous tweet. As for me, I strongly believe that pets are family and should stay with their owners until the end. Regardless of your stance on this matter, take a moment to give your beloved furry friend a warm embrace.

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