Heartbreaking Scene as Pet Dog Suffers from Hundreds of Thorn-Embedded Mouth

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thor the dog was found with numerous quills impaled on his body by his owner. The pictures showed Thor with hundreds of yellow quills covering his face, nose, ears, and legs. Due to financial difficulties, Adriano Bertoline, an unemployed individual, started an online fundraiser to cover Thor’s veterinary expenses. Luckily, Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a local councillor, came forth to assist by transporting Thor to a clinic and providing financial aid.

Thor, a three-year-old pooch, appears to have engaged in a battle with a porcupine for the second time in twelve months, resulting in severe injuries. After discovering Thor covered in porcupine quills, Bertoline turned to the internet to request assistance in obtaining treatment for her beloved pet.

“Hey everyone, how’s it going? I woke up this morning to find my furry friend in a bit of a bad state. Does anyone know of a veterinary clinic that can help him out? Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to pay for it at the moment.” Fortunately, a kind-hearted councillor named Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari saw the post and offered to lend a hand.

Adriano shared on Facebook that Dr Apolari was a blessing to his furry friend since he didn’t have the means to pay for a personal vet. Adriano also mentioned that he is presently jobless and has four kids to support. He expressed gratitude towards the councillor for taking care of Thor, covering all the costs, and bringing him back home safe and sound.

Thor’s owner revealed that the dog had faced a porcupine for the second time within a year. In the previous incident, which took place in February 2021, a friend of Adriano who worked at a veterinary clinic provided aid to the injured dog. It remains unclear about the condition of the porcupine following the attack by the dog.

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