Heartbroken Husky Mourns Owner’s Death at Grave with Tears of Unconditional Love (Video)

The passing of his beloved owner has left a canine in mourning struggling to cope. The heart-wrenching sight of him weeping uncontrollably at her burial site is a poignant reminder of the strong emotional bond that dogs can develop with their humans. Wiley, the faithful dog, demonstrated his unwavering loyalty to his late owner Gladys and the depth of their relationship is evident in the profound grief he is experiencing. The video of this touching moment has touched the hearts of many, underscoring the remarkable connection between humans and animals.

A heartwarming video has been making the rounds on YouTube, showing a family member comforting Wiley, a military-trained wolf-dog who was sobbing. The touching moment captured on video has garnered over 9 million views since it was uploaded by SarahandtheWolves. This wolf-dog is part of a team that helps veterans cope with PTSD upon their return from combat. The therapy provided by these animals is truly remarkable and much-needed.

Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre, also referred to as LARC, has a specific focus on looking after wolf-dogs and horses. They offer support and rehabilitation services to veterans via their military wolf-dog initiative. It’s worth noting, however, that the individual who shared this information made it clear that they’re not a veterinarian and cannot confirm if Wiley is experiencing reverse sneezing, which some individuals are worried about.

You can rest easy knowing that Wiley has never engaged in such behavior and has made a conscious effort to avoid it since then. I understand that it may seem like I am attributing human-like characteristics to him, but it is simply my coping mechanism for the loss I have experienced. I want to assure those who are worried about his health that he is not on the brink of death. The sanctuary has a skilled veterinarian who is always on standby, and Wiley is doing well. Feel free to watch the touching video by clicking the link attached.

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