Heartwarming Footage Shows Adorable Bond Between Dog and Baby Brother

According to Whitney Parks, a 37-year-old resident of Boston, her Golden Retriever named Hinckley was welcomed into their home as a playmate for her upcoming baby Theodore, who is expected to arrive in October 2020.

After a couple of days, Hinckley realized that the ‘toy’ he had been playing with did not belong to him and was not going to be given to him. However, the moment Teddy entered the house, Hinckley was immediately taken by him and insisted on being involved in all of Teddy’s activities. During tummy time, Teddy and Hinckley would cuddle on the couch or floor. Hinckley would attend every feeding, positioning himself on the right side while Teddy was on the left. It was an excellent opportunity for all three of them to bond and share some hugs. Hinckley would even take Teddy’s burp cloth when nobody was watching after he finished his bottle, which always made everyone laugh.

Whitney is thrilled that her son Theodore will have a four-legged furry older brother to look after him. She feels touched by how Hinckley has taken on the role of a protective big brother, making sure that his little sibling is safe and happy. Whitney cannot get enough of seeing the two of them together, and she eagerly anticipates the day when they can bond more and go on many adventures as friends. Although Hinckley is still unsure of what Teddy is, he understands that his little brother is special and deserves extra attention and care.

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