Heartwarming Surprise Celebration for Senior Dog Who Was Struggling to Find a Forever Home

Introducing Loco, an elderly pooch with a feisty demeanor who recently reached a significant milestone in her life. While most animals’ birthdays are quietly overlooked at the animal shelter, the staff at the Spartanburg Humane Society made sure Loco’s special day was celebrated in style. The folks over at Thepetneeds knew that Loco needed some extra TLC on her big day, and they were right. The entire staff gathered around her as she donned a festive birthday hat and a frilly collar. They sang her a happy birthday song and presented her with a delicious cake made of potatoes. To top it off, a local cake company gifted her with a colorful banner to hang on her office door.

Loco’s favorite people attended an event, but dogs were not allowed which worried her owner, Coxie. Loco loves deeply but also dislikes those she does not like and cannot be around other dogs. Despite the absence of dogs, everyone enjoyed celebrating Loco. As the shelter’s public face, Loco has found comfort in a smoking sanctuary and a comfortable workspace with multiple dog beds. She was sent to the shelter due to chronic medical concerns in 2020.

During her time at the shelter, Loco encountered a number of health issues. According to Cox, Loco was 13 years old, had heartworm, thyroid problems, and hip issues upon arrival, making her an unlikely candidate for adoption due to the high cost of medical care. However, Loco has proven to be a fighter. She now receives regular vaccinations, has tested negative for heart disease, and takes medication to manage her thyroid. Despite being older than many of the other animals at the shelter, Loco is in great health. She is not actively seeking a new home, but rather enjoys her role as the “office dog.”

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