Heartwarming Tale: Mother Dog Overcomes Flood to Save Her Beloved Puppy

It is quite usual to associate animals with love and faithfulness. Recently, a touching incident from India has surfaced, indicating the heroic act of a dog who shielded her two pups during a flood. Despite the perilous situation, the caring mother carried her offspring in her mouth to ensure their safety. These heartwarming photographs, captured by Sanjay Kanoja of Agence France-Presse, have become viral on the internet due to their profound emotional appeal.

These pictures depict a mother’s efforts to move her offspring to a safe, dry location in Allahabad as the Ganges and Yamuna rivers continue to swell due to heavy rainfall. It’s essential to emphasize that the area has witnessed a significant loss of life, with over 400 casualties reported, and approximately 700,000 people displaced from their homes.

Reports from authorities indicate that health workers have been dispatched to various towns to keep a close watch on the situation, amidst fears of disease outbreaks arising from polluted drinking water sources and substandard sanitary conditions. Meanwhile, in another incident, a family residing in Kerala, which had been affected by recent floods, was rescued from a landslide that destroyed their home, thanks to the timely intervention of their loyal canine companion. The dog’s prompt response enabled the family members to make a safe escape without incurring any injuries.

The P. family was relaxing at their home nestled in the hilly Idukki region when their trusty canine began to bark relentlessly at roughly 03:00 a.m. Chile time (18:30 local time). Mohanan P. quickly deduced that something was wrong and decided to investigate, only to realize that they needed to evacuate their home immediately. Fortunately, they heeded their intuition as a landslide completely annihilated their house shortly after they had left. You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/MLsYveI1X8I.

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