Heartwarming Tale of a Stray Kitten: Accepted by the Feline Community After Being Abandoned on a Doormat

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A cute little kitten was discovered alone on a doormat and was quickly welcomed into a loving home. The resident cats saw how much the kitten needed their help and decided to step up and lend a paw.

cute kitten paw

A family stumbled upon a fragile little kitten on their doorstep, abandoned by its mother who had disappeared. The concerned family quickly took the helpless kitten in and sought help. Fortunately, Ashley, known for her fostering work with Little Wanderers NYC, was notified of the situation and readily agreed to take care of the kitten. Upon arrival, the kitten was cold and inadequately nourished, weighing only 70 grams for a newborn. Ashley had to ensure the kitten’s body temperature was safe before slowly feeding her. She spent the whole night tending to the kitten with small feedings while keeping her cozy and secure.

newborn kitten found doormat

Despite facing many challenges, the kitten showed signs of improvement the following day and began drinking formula without assistance. Ashley had to endure several restless nights, but she eventually found comfort in the kitten’s stable condition. Chihiro, the feline, battled through some digestive problems and started to thrive. Ashley noted that the kitten was a fierce fighter who would eagerly consume milk from the bottle during every feeding session. Love Meow was informed of this update.

tiny newborn kitten, kitten syringe feeding

Ashley, the foster mom, recalls the amazing transformation of the little kitten she took under her care. The tiny feline went from being premature and frail to chubby and above average in just one week. Ashley admits that it wasn’t an easy task taking care of the kitten, and there were times when she feared losing her. But as the kitten’s eyes opened, her curiosity blossomed, and she would often request to be held so she could explore her surroundings. Every now and then, the kitten would take a whiff of Ashley’s hand, hoping to find some milk.

kitten eyes opened

Ashley’s kitten got a new, roomy playpen and was warmly greeted by the resident cats who were happy to show her the ropes. They spent time with her, instructing her on proper cat behavior, cleanliness, and how to play with toys. Biscuit, the tabby, was especially tolerant, allowing the kitten to play with his tail for as long as she wanted.

kitten plays cat tail

Ashley’s furry friend, Chihiro, is quite the playful kitten. Her favorite activities include pouncing and stalking both humans and cats alike. The little adventurer is also learning how to jump on and off furniture with ease. Once Chihiro discovered the joys of cuddling, she became obsessed and even started taking shoulder rides around the house. She loves to nap and fall asleep on her human’s lap, as well as the laps of her feline companions.

snuggly kitten shoulders

According to Ashley, her little furry friend is always chirping and trilling throughout the day, and has managed to capture everyone’s heart in the house. The feeling of having a warm lap to cuddle on with her feline companion purring happily is what brings her ultimate happiness.

cat kitten snuggly friends

Ashley’s feline pet, Chihiro, loves to snuggle up beneath their chin and extend her paws to touch their faces. She adores napping on their laps and is a true lap cat. Additionally, she recognizes her name and promptly responds when called. Even cats that are not fond of kittens can’t resist Chihiro’s charm.

kitten cat snuggly friends

Meet Ashley, a three-month-old kitten who is eager to find her forever home. She craves a family that will dote on her with love and affection and provide her with feline playmates for day-long snuggles and fun.

kitten cat snuggly

When Ashley becomes fatigued, she seeks to cuddle up close. She enormously enjoys plopping down right beneath my chin with the full confidence that I will be there to hold her. However, there are moments when I am not quick enough and she slips down my arm.

cuddly kitten sleeping

Ashley describes her beloved child as someone who gives love as much as she enjoys playful activities. The child is deemed as flawless and Ashley feels that even though she had to sacrifice her sleep for her, it was all worth it in the end.

sleeping kitten happy


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