Introducing Freya The Fluff: Instagram’s Feline Superstar

I absolutely love calico cats. Their distinct, multi-colored fur always catches my attention and it’s impossible not to immediately fall in love with them. One particular kitten named Matilda, who was rescued, captured the heart of her new owner with her beautiful fluff and unique markings. Sometimes we just know when we see a cat online that they’re meant to be a part of our lives.

Matilda, now known as Freya the Fluff, stole her new owner’s heart with her irresistible charm. Her owner couldn’t believe she was still available for adoption and drove two hours to bring her home. Despite the long journey, Freya remained calm and brave, loving people and exploring her new surroundings. She was only eight weeks old when she was found climbing someone’s window screen and brought to a rescue center.

When her new owner saw her little orange face on Petfinder, she knew Freya was the perfect addition to her family. Since then, Freya has become quite the sensation on Instagram, capturing the hearts of many with her adorable photos.

Can you share the tale of how you met your furry friend, Freya? I had been on the lookout for a kitten for a while and used to browse different websites. One day, I happened upon an adoption event where I laid eyes on Freya and her cute orange face. Instantly, I fell in love and showed her to my fiancé, who shared my affection for her. Although we thought that there would be many people vying for her, we decided to give it a shot and apply. To our amazement, we were selected to provide Freya with a forever home, and we knew it was meant to be.

So, how did she get her moniker, Freya? Initially, her rescue name was Matilda, which we both agreed wasn’t the best fit for her. With a few days to spare before bringing her home, I came up with Aelin, which I thought was perfect at first, but it didn’t quite click. That’s when my fiancĂ© suggested naming her after a character from my all-time favorite TV show, The Originals – Freya. We decided to test it out, and the moment we called her by her new name, she responded with a tiny meow, affirming that it was the ideal name for her.

Could you provide a description of Freya’s personality? Meet the daring kitten, Freya! She exudes confidence and bravery, yet she also possesses a gentle spirit and adores human companionship. Freya enjoys snuggling up to her owners and keeping a close eye on their every move around the house.

What are some of Freya’s favorite pastimes? Freya is an avid nature lover and finds joy in staring out of the window while observing the birds and squirrels outside. She is also a quick learner and has already mastered the “sit” command. Currently, we are training her to “lie down” and carry her backpack. In addition, Freya loves to play around!

Does she have any furry friends living with her? At home, Freya lives with her 10-year-old dog sibling, Kayden, and a cat companion named Dior. What sets Freya apart from other cats? Her unique feature is her friendly behavior towards humans. She is undoubtedly the most sociable cat I have ever come across. When she meets someone new, she greets them with open paws and loves to snuggle up to them!

I’d like to extend my thanks to Danielle, who is the proud owner of Freya the cat, for allowing me to share her story and adorable photos with all of the fans of Cattitude Daily. If you’re smitten with this delightful kitty, be sure to check out her Instagram page for more cuteness overload.

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