“Joyful Kitten Can’t Wait to Reunite with Siblings After Hospital Visit”

One day in May 2020, a woman from Arkansas came across a Facebook post that was seeking help to rescue three motherless baby kittens. She decided to take action and saved the kittens, but noticed that one of them was behaving strangely. Continue reading to discover how this little orphaned kitten managed to survive with the assistance of a compassionate stranger!

While browsing through Facebook, Stephanie Pinkerton – a passionate cat rescuer based in Central Arkansas – stumbled upon an intriguing post about three helpless kittens who had lost their mother. Knowing the dire need for these kittens to be bottle fed, Stephanie felt that she was the perfect person to rescue them. Having prior experience in this field, she also had a nursing mama cat who could potentially take care of the kittens. Without hesitation, Stephanie immediately took it upon herself to ensure the safety and well-being of the three little orphans by bringing them to a secure location.

A heartwarming story tells us about Mama Cat who adopted new babies. The kittens were lucky to find a safe and warm place to stay, but it was time for them to meet their potential foster mother. Stephanie, who was taking care of them, had some concerns about how Mama Cat would respond to the orphaned kittens since she herself had experienced trouble nursing her own offspring when Stephanie rescued her in May. However, with the help and love of Stephanie, Mama Cat, whose name is Britta, had become an outstanding mother.

Stephanie had high hopes that Britta would show kindness to the newly orphaned kittens. The moment of truth arrived when Stephanie introduced Britta to the kittens and allowed her to get to know them. Stephanie then led the kittens towards Britta’s belly, eagerly awaiting to see if she would welcome them to nurse. Fortunately, Britta didn’t disappoint as she immediately accepted the kittens and allowed them to feed.

The kittens were thriving during the initial days, but unfortunately, one of them named Mochi started experiencing health issues after a week. Stephanie mentioned that on June 9th, she noticed that Mochi was vomiting a little bit, even though he appeared to be fine in the morning. As there were two other kittens in the room, it was challenging for her to identify which kitten had vomited. She became concerned and monitored all the kittens closely to figure out the best course of action.

Watching Closely
Stephanie had a hunch that something wasn’t right with one of the kittens. As the night wore on, she stumbled upon a large pile of puke with an atypical tint on the floor. At this point, she had a feeling that Mochi was the feline that was unwell. According to Stephanie, “Mochi didn’t seem interested in eating and had diarrhea all over his back.”

Stephanie was aware that Mochi, her pet, was suffering from a gastrointestinal problem but she wasn’t sure about its severity. One day, when she walked into the room, she noticed that Mochi was not feeling well, his muscles were tensed and he cried out in pain when Stephanie tried to pick him up. Stephanie knew that waiting any longer would be a risk she wasn’t willing to take, so she decided to seek medical attention for Mochi immediately. Realizing that the issue was beyond her control, she rushed Mochi to an emergency vet hospital.

Mochi, the adorable little kitten, was in a precarious situation. Upon examination, the veterinarians determined that Mochi was suffering from a bacterial infection and an iron deficiency. Being in critical condition, the vet team swiftly started administering an IV and began working their magic. However, due to the fragility of kittens as young as Mochi, the vets were uncertain if he would survive. Stephanie, the owner, was informed of the situation and was told that no news was good news. Fortunately, the next day, after reaching out to the vets, Stephanie received heartwarming news that Mochi had made a remarkable recovery and was feeling much better.

The Path to Healing
After being hospitalized, Mochi was brought to a nearby veterinarian by Stephanie to continue his recuperation. He was kept on the IV for additional care and slowly regained his energy while staying at the vet’s clinic for several more days. As he received his dosage of antibiotics, Mochi’s symptoms began to subside.

Stephanie had taken Mochi to the vet and after being cleared, she was relieved to bring him back home. According to Stephanie, Mochi’s eating habits have improved significantly. Initially, she had kept him in a separate room to ensure his safety but he seemed to be in pain as he cried continuously. As it turned out, Mochi missed his foster mom and siblings. When Stephanie reunited him with his family, he immediately stopped crying and went back to being a healthy, jovial kitten.

Mochi had a blissful time after reuniting with his beloved family, spending hours purring and cuddling with them. He joyfully played with his siblings, leaping and tumbling around during playtime. Mochi’s happiness was evident, as he was grateful to be surrounded by his loved ones once again. His recovery from an infection and anemia was complete, and he is now free from those ailments. In just a couple of months, Mochi will be ready to be neutered and find a new home. Meanwhile, Mochi is eagerly anticipating more delightful moments of snuggles, treats, and affection!

Meet Stephanie, a compassionate soul dedicated to saving cats and kittens in dire circumstances. She makes sure that every cat she rescues, including Mochi and his siblings, is sterilized before being placed in their forever homes. Stephanie doesn’t receive any external funding, and her rescue work depends entirely on the generosity of people who donate vital supplies like kitten formula, food, and other essentials.

Kindly support Stephanie’s life-saving endeavors by donating food and supplies through her Amazon Wishlist. Also, don’t forget to join her Facebook group for updates on the rescue cats and kittens she cares for.

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