“Kefir the Maine Coon: A Larger-Than-Life Feline Phenomenon”

Cats have an innate ability to capture people’s hearts and become internet sensations with ease. Nowadays, pet-related content is abundant on the internet, but certain animals stand out due to their distinctive traits and the owners’ ingenuity and love.

Meet Kefir, the feline resident of Yuliya in Russia who has gained a lot of attention due to its exceptional size. According to Yuliya, Kefir is only 1 year and 9 months old but already weighs around 26.5 pounds. However, as a Maine Coon breed, Yuliya expects Kefir to continue growing until it reaches 3 years old. Due to the cat’s massive size, people who see it often mistake it for a dog, which makes it funny for its owner. Follow Kefir’s journey on Instagram.

Kefir, the fluffy feline, has been a part of our family for almost two years now. We adopted Kefir from a cattery because we were smitten by its gorgeous white coat. However, Kefir turned out to be quite a picky eater and refused to eat dry cat food. As a result, we started feeding Kefir only meat and natural feed, which it seems to enjoy.

The Maine Coon feline tips the scale at 26.5 pounds and is projected to increase in size, as this breed is known for its large build.

Yuliya, who is the owner of Kefir, states that her feline friend is quite docile and prefers to munch on organic food.

According to Yuliya, the only downside of taking care of Kefir is dealing with the copious amount of hair the cat sheds around the house. Despite this, Kefir is considered a beloved member of the family and even joins them at the dining table. Yuliya finds it amusing when others mistake Kefir for a dog due to its large size.

This creature is like a tiny feline trapped in the form of a colossal animal.

This feline is undeniably intelligent and has a peculiar ability to sense the overall atmosphere in the household. It’s worth mentioning that Kefir is well-behaved and refrains from meowing, screeching, or causing damage to furniture, making it an ideal cat. You can also contribute to Bored Panda by penning your thoughts!

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