Ken-Kun, the Cute Shiba-Inu, Runs a Tiny Sweet Potato Stand in Japan

To make your business prosper, having great social skills and the ability to build favorable connections with customers is imperative. Fortunately, a Japanese sweet potato booth is being run by Ken-Kun, who excels at winning over consumers. This adorable Shiba Inu, at just three years old, has captured the hearts of many after a video of him lounging in his sweet potato stand went viral on the internet.

As potential customers approach the service window, they are met with the sight of a curious pup peering up at them. Ken-Kun is fully dedicated to his job and his cute appearance certainly helps to attract new business.

Ken-Kun’s stand is stocked with a generous supply of roasted sweet potatoes, all neatly arranged in a large box. Each customer has the liberty to handpick their favorite potato and drop the corresponding amount of cash into a small crevice.

Ken-Kun, the adorable dog who runs a potato stand, isn’t quite skilled at handling money. He relies on his customers’ honesty to pay him the correct amount. Due to this, he cannot provide any change to his customers. To inform them of this, he has put up a charming sign on his stand that says “I’m a dog, and unfortunately, I cannot provide change”.

For just 100 yen, you can indulge in a mouth-watering roasted sweet potato which is a favorite among street food enthusiasts. But what could make this already delightful experience even better? How about buying it from an endearing pup! Ken-Kun, who enjoys exploring the streets of Sapporo City with his owner during leisure time, truly understands the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Ken-Kun, who runs his potato stand like a true expert. His charm is unbeatable, making it difficult to settle for an average shopkeeper after interacting with him. He’s definitely the highlight of the market!

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