“Meet Ken-Kun, the Adorable Shiba-Inu “CEO” of Japan’s Petite Sweet Potato Stand”

To ensure that your business thrives, it’s crucial to possess exceptional interpersonal skills and be able to establish favorable rapport with your clientele. Fortunately, the sweet potato booth in Japan is helmed by none other than Ken-Kun, a master at winning over customers. This adorable 3-year-old Shiba Inu has garnered widespread attention thanks to a viral video featuring him lounging around his sweet potato stand.

With his head popping out over the service window, the little pup is on the lookout for potential customers. Ken-Kun is one dedicated worker, and his cute appearance definitely helps in attracting new clients.

Ken-Kun’s stand features a large container brimming with sweet, roasted potatoes for sale. Shoppers are free to select their preferred potato, and then deposit their payment into a small slot provided for the transaction.

Ken-Kun, the adorable dog, isn’t an expert when it comes to calculating cash. Therefore, he believes in the honesty of his customers and assumes that they pay him the accurate amount. However, this also implies that Ken-Kun cannot provide any change to his customers. He has placed a cute sign on his potato stand that communicates this message: “Due to my canine nature, I regret not being able to provide change.”

For a mere 100 yen (approximately 1 USD), you can relish a yummy roasted sweet potato, a favorite among street food aficionados. However, the experience of purchasing it from an adorable doggy probably makes it even more delectable. When not busy, Ken-Kun strolls around Sapporo City with his owner, prioritizing the need for a healthy work-life balance.

It’s hard to resist the charm of Ken-Kun, the potato stand manager who is just too cute for words. After buying from him, going back to an ordinary shopkeeper might seem lackluster in comparison. Ken-Kun really knows how to run his stand like a pro, and it shows!

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