One-Eyed Cat Keeps Her Kitten Safe Inside, Hoping for a Bright Future

Remille, a tabby feline, was discovered in a cat community on a Montreal farm. She was covered in mats and dirt, and required immediate medical assistance.

When Remille was taken to Chatons Orphelins Montreal, she had a cloudy eye that was later discovered to be blind. She was extremely underweight, weighing only three pounds, which was half of her actual size. During her visit to the vet, it was found out that she was pregnant. Fortunately, a caring foster family took her in and provided her with plentiful food, which helped her gain weight and get cleaned up.

In a short amount of time, the affectionate feline began to regain her trust and started playing like a young kitten once more. According to Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, Remille’s foster parents provided her with an abundance of love, resulting in her quickly opening up and asking for cuddles.

Remille gave birth to four kittens but, unfortunately, only one survived. The sole kitten had to be fed with a bottle every two hours until Remille’s maternal instincts kicked in.

Hardy, a cute little tabby, had his mother Remille’s complete devotion. She never left his side until he grew up, and even then, she would come running every time she heard him cry. As he grew old enough to be weaned, Hardy still preferred nursing from his mother’s belly, enjoying being pampered like a baby. Remille would cuddle him, clean his face, and lull him to sleep with her purring. The two of them developed a strong bond, always staying together despite the presence of other cats in the house.

Celine shared that this pair is incredibly adorable and inseparable. Remille is a talkative and affectionate cat who loves to play like a kitten, and they always team up to cause trouble. According to Celine, Hardy has learned a lot from his mom and can now do things like eating from a bowl and scaling a cat tree. It’s not uncommon to see them copying each other’s actions.

Remille enjoys bringing a toy in her mouth and giving it to her kitten, allowing them to have fun together. Even with one eye being blind, Remille can see and move around with ease. Her fur has become lustrous and robust, and she has grown significantly since being saved.

Hardy, a cheerful and carefree young fellow, is becoming increasingly playful as time goes by. Whenever he exhausts himself from playing, he seeks comfort in his mother’s embrace. Resembling his mother in appearance, he enjoys climbing the cat tree to cuddle with Remille, and he even takes it upon himself to groom her coat when she’s not doing it herself.

From being a tiny infant, Hardy has now become one of Remille’s closest companions. Remille finds that Hardy always has something to say and will even let her know when he’s hungry. When feeling affectionate, he lets out gentle coos that fill her heart with warmth. One of Hardy’s favorite pastimes is sitting on the windowsill, watching the world outside with his beloved mother by his side.

The little feline mimics its mother’s every move and sticks to her like glue, creating a lovely connection that cannot be broken.

Remille, who has spent her entire life outdoors, is overjoyed to finally have her kitten by her side in the comfort of their indoor home. The mother and son duo are now on the hunt for a loving forever family to call their own.

The adorable creatures are searching for a loving family who would be willing to adopt them and provide them with a lifetime of affection and pampering.

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Introducing Belle, the adorable feline who found herself without a home when her owners moved away for an undisclosed reason. According to LAPS Foster Kittens, Belle was a loyal companion until her human left without her. Despite this heartbreaking experience, Belle has remained a loving and affectionate kitty ever since she was taken in by her foster family. It’s clear that Belle was once cherished and treasured, and we’re confident that she’ll find a new family who will love her just as much.

The compassionate residents of the area would provide food for a stray cat that was homeless. However, as the weather started to get colder in November, they noticed that the feline was expecting kittens. They decided to reach out to Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS) for assistance. Belle, as she was later named by her foster parent, Narod, was taken in by her and given a safe home.

Shortly before the start of the year, a litter of six kittens was born to a cat – two girls and four boys. The LAPS organization characterized the newborns as “boisterous, suckling, and incredibly cute.” The rescuers went on to say that despite being tiny, they eat a lot and it has been difficult to distinguish between them.

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