Pooch Refuses to Leave Companion, a Terminally Ill Equine, Until the Very End-d3

One of the pups rescued by Martn Miranda and his family is named Forastero. Along with saving the pup, they also saved a horse named Canario who was supposed to be sent to the zoo as food for the lions. Although Canario was very sick, Forastero never left his side until it was too late.

Even though the Canary horse was weak and lacked the ability to support itself, the family took the initiative to ask the owner if they could try to save it. This family had previously rescued various animals such as chickens, rabbits and dogs and they couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning this helpless horse. Canario stayed with Martn’s family for five months but unfortunately, his condition worsened beyond repair and he eventually lost the ability to stand on his own.

Volunteers for Our Horses (VPN) reached out to Ayuda a Caballos Maltratados (ACMA), a non-profit group in Argentina, regarding a horse that was observed lying on the ground and unable to stand. The horse was discovered to be lacking teeth, showing signs of extreme age and exhaustion, with its bones exposed due to malnourishment. The veterinarian in charge of the case realized that this horse was not just another victim of mistreatment, which is a frequent occurrence in the area where horses are overworked until they collapse from exhaustion.

The Canary was in a critical condition and unable to move, prompting the doctor to administer an injection to help him rest and alleviate his suffering. The family was surprised to find out that the Canary had passed away, but they later discovered that their horse, which they believed was young and unwell, was actually an aging animal craving for peace and tranquility.

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