Pooches Commuting in Style: The Internet’s Latest Heartthrob

A family in Alaska who runs a dog-walking business has gained popularity on the internet after sharing a video of their doggy “daycare” bus. Mo Mountains Mutts, which is run by a couple, stated that they never intended to start a business but it developed over time. Mo Thompson, one half of the duo, explained that she always wanted a vehicle to transport her clients but started with a bicycle before moving on to a minivan and finally a large van. One day, while on her route, her van’s tire fell off, causing her to post a request for a large van or short bus on the local community page. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was able to get hold of a stranded bus, which she then converted into a doggy daycare bus.

The pair, who are proud parents to a 8-month-old boy named Vern, enjoy sharing videos of their daily activities and ventures in Skagway on various social media platforms. Thompson also added that their ability to manage work and parenthood simultaneously is due to their strong teamwork and understanding, which would not have been possible without her husband’s support.

In the viral TikTok clip, adorable animals can be seen hopping onto their bus and taking their designated seats. The video has already amassed an impressive 50 million views and counting.

Thompson greeted Jake as they prepared to go on a ride in their puppy bus in the video. The dog was secured in a seat with a leash. The couple uses their puppy bus all year and occasionally offers pet-sitting services. Thompson hopes that their video brings joy to viewers and encourages them to engage in physical activity and train their canine companions.

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