“Rescued Dog’s Infectious Smile Brings Couple Together in Heartwarming Tale”

Our world can be quite complicated, and at times hope may just seem like a mere aspiration. However, for Meatball, or affectionately known as Meaty, a cheerful Pit Bull mix who was rescued, life couldn’t be better. He was fortunate enough to find his way into the loving care of Lisa Reilly. In her essay for Petco, Lisa described how she was captivated by Meaty’s happy expressions after coming across him on the Facebook page for Fresno Bully Shelter.


Meaty expresses his gratitude to Joe, Lisa’s partner, by giving him his unwavering support. Joe kindly taught Meaty how to balance a diamond ring on his nose, which eventually led to an irresistible proposal for Lisa. The adorable smiles of Meaty and his entire family have taken over Instagram and we have curated some of our favorite snapshots to share. (credit: mymodernmet)





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