Ruff Beginnings: A Pooch’s Adventure from the Streets to LA’s Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants

From living on the streets as a stray, Popeye the dog is now living his dream life, exploring all the hottest and most trendy eateries in Los Angeles. Ivy Diep found Popeye on the streets back in 2014, and upon realizing his dull and matted fur indicated he was not in the best shape, she decided to bring him home. From the very beginning, Popeye easily blended in with Diep’s partner and their other furry companions, and he has been relishing his new life ever since.

On one of their virtual rendezvous via Instagram, she thought it would be fun to bring her furry friend, Popeye, along for the ride. Their shared passion for discovering new dining spots and sharing their experiences on the platform never gets old. To her amazement, Popeye made for an exceptional dining partner. He displayed remarkable composure around food and even gamely posed for snapshots with a cheerful expression on his adorable face.

Don’t worry, Popeye’s diet is strictly limited to dog-friendly food. Even though he appears in various mouth-watering pictures, it’s not possible for him to taste any of them. Popeye the Foodie Dog’s Instagram account showcases his culinary expeditions throughout Los Angeles, created by his owner.

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