Saying Farewell: The Heartfelt Parting of a Mama Dog and Her Puppies

A distressed mother dog had to say goodbye to her beloved puppy after it was adopted in central China.

Starting in September, a team of students from Henan province’s Zhengzhou University has been providing care for a stray dog of mixed breed that recently gave birth to seven adorable little puppies.

A heart-wrenching scene was recorded on Monday, where a mother tearfully kissed her brown puppy goodbye before handing it over to its new owner.

As I was looking around, I saw the female owner of the place carrying a little puppy in her arms and walking towards her scooter. The concerned mother dog was following closely behind her.

The woman’s dog came to a halt next to her bike, with a rather sad demeanor. Her head was lowered, tail drooped, and ears flopped over. It appeared as though she was pleading to be reunited with her puppies.

With kisses and licks, the owner presented the puppy to its mother. The owner promised the mother dog that the pup would be given the best possible care.

The mother dog takes a final glance at her beloved pup, showing her affection before turning her head and confidently moving away.

Many people have been touched by the viral video, and some have even compared it to a scene from a movie. One person said they had never seen such heartbreak before and were brought to tears. Another person wondered if there was a way for the subjects of the video to be adopted together. The video that caused such emotional distress can be seen below.

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