Solo Toilet Mastery: A Golden Retriever’s Genius Achievement

When a dog is trained properly, they can perform almost any task. For instance, an intelligent golden retriever has learned how to use the toilet when her owners are not available to take her outside. She is known as the most adept house-trained dog who never leaves a mess. However, this amazing dog is unable to flush after using the toilet.

Tokyo, unlike other dogs who often get caught drinking from the toilet bowl, has a unique way of using it properly. She stands up on her front paws and drinks from it like a pro. Her owner, Alejandro Rodriguez Corrales, 29, shared that he taught her this trick when she was still a little puppy. Even though Tokyo belongs to his girlfriend, he enjoys teaching her new things from time to time.

According to Alejandro, a civil engineer residing in Alajuela, Costa Rica, he successfully taught his pet dog, Tokyo, how to use the toilet. He disclosed that during the training, he would assist Tokyo by holding her up on the toilet and would reward her with treats when she made it. Alejandro acknowledged that the process was quite challenging and required a lot of effort and patience from him.

According to him, it wasn’t easy to teach Tokyo how to use the toilet but he didn’t give up. He started by training her to only pee in the toilet and not poop as it was a complicated process. Gradually, Tokyo learned to balance herself on her front paws and now uses the toilet flawlessly.

According to Alejandro, Tokyo is a very tidy dog who never dirties the bathroom, except for not being able to flush. She’s quite intelligent, though!
Nowadays, having pets offers numerous benefits such as companionship, emotional support, reduced loneliness and stress levels, high self-esteem, and positive emotions, particularly for children. Pets are often considered as family members and their presence may never be replaced. However, there are some instances when owning a pet doesn’t work out, and adoption becomes the last resort for families. Unfortunately, many animals are abandoned on the streets due to several reasons including lack of attention, financial difficulties, unwanted litters, family issues, or homelessness. Sadly, not all animals in these situations are fortunate enough to find a happy ending.

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