“Spreading Joy and Goodwill: High School Cross-Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs on Their Morning Run”

In August of 2016, students from St. Joseph High School’s cross-country team in Santa Maria, California came up with the idea of inviting dogs from a local shelter to go on a run. The Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter approved of the idea and gladly let their dogs enjoy some time outside while getting some exercise.

It seems like everyone had a great time during the run, according to Coach Luis Escobar’s Facebook post. He even mentioned that it was hard to tell who was having more fun – the dogs or the kids! After watching the video of the run on Facebook, I couldn’t help but grin, and it looks like many others felt the same way too. The video ended up being viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, including coaches and runners from different schools.

Escobar shared on the Santa Maria Times that he posted about their enjoyable run with shelter dogs on their Facebook page. To his surprise, the post received hundreds of shares and thousands of likes immediately. He even received calls from different coaches and athletic directors across the country asking for more information. The success of the fun run didn’t stop there as it has the potential to spread to schools nationwide. The students had already taken the shelter dogs out for a second run, which is undoubtedly a victory not only for Escobar but also for the dogs. The initiative gives them more chances to be out in the community, increasing their chances of finding their forever homes. This news couldn’t be any better for animal lovers who advocate for pet adoption.

Escobar proposed a brilliant plan that benefits both dogs and children. The dogs receive much-needed exercise while the children learn about these animals. This exposure may spark conversations with family and friends, ultimately leading to more adoptions. I am enamored by this concept! It instills kindness and consideration towards animals and provides a glimmer of hope for sheltered dogs. Not to mention, it’s an enjoyable group activity that brings pure happiness. A heartfelt thanks to all involved!

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