Street Kittens Shake Up Indoor Life with Their Unique Personalities

Four street kittens made a big impact on indoor life with their charming personalities.

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A while back, there were these four cute little kittens who were saved by a kindhearted volunteer from Indy Neighborhood Cats. They were about 4-5 weeks old and desperately needed a foster home. Luckily, Jennifer, one of IndyHumane’s dedicated foster volunteers, offered to take them in.
As soon as the furry friends arrived at their new temporary crib, one of them hopped out of the carrier and began to investigate their surroundings. Before long, two more joined in on the fun. The last one, Duncan, snoozed soundly through the whole ordeal without uttering so much as a meow.
However, the kitties did not take long to warm up to their foster family and started seeking out cuddles and affection quite readily.

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Jiffy, Betty, Pillsbury, and Duncan are the new adorable kittens in town. Despite being new to their surroundings, they have already shown a social side to them. Their playful demeanor and love for being held have made them quite popular. However, their initial days were tough as they struggled with their appetite and weight. Nonetheless, their caretaker Jennifer remained determined to help them through it all. During a recent nail trim session, one of the ginger kittens even dozed off from sheer relaxation.

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@newkittensontheblock reported that the quartet of kittens have adjusted well to their new home and have been exploring every inch of it with confidence. According to her, she’s never encountered a group of kittens as vocal as these ones before, as they would always greet her with loud meows whenever she enters the room.

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Whenever Jennifer enters the room, the new kittens on the block never fail to make their presence known with their loud meows. However, they remain silent when she’s not around. With the help of nutritious food, the kittens have been gaining weight and their appetite has improved. As a result, their mealtime meows have become even louder and more demanding – they can’t wait to dig in!

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Newkittensontheblock reported that Pillsbury was developing his climbing abilities. The four kittens, now stronger, were climbing on anything they could find. The two ginger brothers, Pillsbury and Duncan, played hard and slept even harder. Jiffy, the fluffiest kitten, was captivated by the water dish and always searching for new adventures. Betty, the lone girl in the litter, had no difficulty keeping pace with her brothers.

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Jennifer, who goes by @newkittensontheblock on social media, revealed that the foster kittens in her care are a playful bunch who enjoy running around and playing with each other as well as any toy they can get their paws on. Interestingly, her resident cats, Bodie and Bear, have also grown comfortable with their new temporary housemates. In fact, the two felines have even started helping out with the foster kittens in exchange for a quick snack from the food station. Initially, the four cats seemed unsure of each other’s company, with the kittens puffing up their fur to match the towering size of the resident cats. However, they eventually warmed up to each other and started socializing.

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Upon meeting the resident cats, the new kittens puffed up in excitement and went into a “super poof mode”. However, as time passed, their curiosity towards the resident cats grew stronger. They started pawing at them through the gate and even approached them in the room while wearing their poofy pants. Betty, one of the new kittens, even gave Bodie, one of the resident cats, a big hiss which scared him out of the room.

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The fluffy tail@novicekittens
Duncan, a brave little feline, took the initiative to get to know the other cats. He approached Bodie and started to smell around until Bodie began to groom him. During playtime, Duncan likes to show off his tough side by pouncing, flipping, and somersaulting in front of the other cats. His siblings have also joined in on the fun after seeing how much he enjoys playing with the other cats.

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Duncan, the bravest of the bunch, approached Bodie with a friendly demeanor and became his pal. On Twitter, they were known as #newkittensontheblock. Pillsbury, one of the kittens, often dozes off after playtime and prefers to take a nap atop the cat tree. Jiffy, on the other hand, is always at the center of the action. He loves being cuddled and emits a loud purr when picked up. Meanwhile, Betty is a delightful feline who is gradually putting on weight. Duncan has successfully charmed Bodie and is now focused on getting Bear to join in on their playtime.

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Duncan made a sincere effort to convince Bear to join him in some playtime. The new kittens on the block are enjoying their cozy indoor life, taking each day as it comes. They no longer have to endure the harshness of the outdoor world. When they grow up a bit more, they will embark on the quest to find a loving forever home where they can bask in endless pampering.

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