“The Adorable Pooch with 118K Social Media Followers: A Heartwarming Tale of a Homeless Dog”

When an unexpected passenger hopped on the Istanbul subway, hardly anyone took notice. However, one man named Amir couldn’t help but feel curious about this unusual occurrence. Due to his car being in the repair shop, Amir was forced to take the subway to work – a new experience for him since he usually drove himself. Little did he know, this seemingly mundane commute would turn out to be anything but ordinary.

On Instagram, user boji_ist shared a peculiar incident he witnessed while boarding the subway. He noticed something out of the ordinary, but it seemed like no one else on the train was paying attention. A large yellow dog was waiting on the platform and boarded the subway along with the other commuters. Amir, intrigued by the sight, searched for the pup on the train but didn’t spot it again before his stop.

On his way to work, Amir couldn’t shake off thoughts of the adorable dog he had seen the previous day at the subway station. To his surprise, the same furry friend was there again the next day, eagerly waiting to board the train. This routine went on for a few days until something unfortunate happened. A passenger pushed the dog off the train and poor thing couldn’t make it back on. Amir could tell that the pup was visibly upset, but unfortunately, the train departed before he could do anything to help.

The Instagram account belonging to boji_ist reveals a heartwarming story about his concern for a lost dog. After failing to locate the dog on the first day, he returned the following day with some delicious food hoping to find the pooch. Fortunately, he found the dog and fed it the treats, but his worry for its health persisted. As a result, he contacted a shelter to explore options that could help the dog. The shelter staff shared Amir’s concern and decided to track the dog’s movements through a tracker. The results of the tracking left them even more fascinated by the dog’s activities.

Boji, the adventurous dog, embarked on daily journeys through the bustling city before retiring to the subway in the evenings. It was evident that he had a specific destination in mind, and although he traversed the streets alone, he was well-versed in travelling. Due to his apparent stray status, the authorities captured Boji and took him to the vet. However, after examining him, they realized that he was formerly someone’s beloved pet. Now, he roamed the streets, stopping to greet his supporters and admirers throughout the city. Boji was no ordinary dog; he had become somewhat of a sensation and celebrity amongst the locals.

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