The Heartwarming Story of a Lonely Dog’s Facebook Post that Inspired One Woman to Make a Difference

Upon stumbling upon a social media post about Jaripo, an elderly dog that was unfortunately slated to be put down, Christina Morgan felt an immediate urge to help. With no one else taking action to save the poor pup, Morgan decided to take matters into her own hands and rescue him from his grim fate. Despite the high rate of dog euthanasia at the shelter, she remained determined to give Jaripo a second chance at life. Despite the pouring rain and her husband’s initial hesitation, Morgan embarked on a two-hour drive to meet Jaripo and grant him a new lease on life.

Morgan felt increasingly anxious as she dialed the animal shelter’s number, dreading the possibility that the old dog she had her eye on might already be adopted by the time she got there. She vividly remembered the staff warning her, “We can’t guarantee he’ll still be here when you arrive. Worst case scenario, we might have to euthanize him.” Determined to save the dog, Morgan drove as fast as she could and managed to reach the shelter in the nick of time. Upon rescuing Jaripo, she brought him straight to the vet, who soon discovered that the dog’s previous owners had lied about his terminal illness. Despite some discomfort in his hips and spine, Jaripo was otherwise healthy and strong, much to Morgan’s relief.

Morgan introduced Jaripo to her animal rescue center, Paw Works, where a loving foster family adopted him. He will be staying there for the rest of his life. Morgan shared that Jaripo is happy and comfortable in his new environment, which is evident from his joyful demeanor and smiling face.

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