“The Hilarious Antics of a Playful Corgi: Owner’s Pitahaya Fiasco Leads to Laughs and Panic”

Gody, the adorable corgi, did something unexpected when he decided to munch on a pitahaya fruit and smeared his body with its crimson juice. His owner was amused and took some photos of him lying on the ground. However, Gody went a step further and indulged himself in the fruit, covered himself in its remnants, and laid there “playing dead.” The picture went viral on the internet, and many individuals were worried about the dog’s well-being and happiness.

According to the man who spoke with Bored Panda, he created this page for Candy some time back. His aim is to spread joy by sharing all the playful moments of his dogs with everyone, especially on hectic days. Furthermore, Gody’s dad mentioned that it was the first instance their pup had tasted this particular fruit.

According to him, the little pooch’s typical behavior is similar to that of other young pups. He enjoys getting messy and napping frequently. Moreover, he has a fondness for eating fruits which piqued his curiosity, prompting him to capture some snapshots.

Numerous individuals on social media were caught off guard by the images of Gody sprawled on the floor. Upon realizing that the canine was merely taking a nap, many found the situation amusing, attributing it to Gody’s mischievous nature as a playful pup.

In Vietnam, Gody is residing with his kin and has his very own Facebook page. His page boasts over 93,000 followers who enjoy keeping up with his exciting escapades.

His antics after indulging in the daon fruit, also known as pitahaya, were captured in unforgettable photos that garnered 14,000 likes and over 8,800 shares on Facebook. Undoubtedly, his mischievous behavior is a source of enjoyment for many.

Corgis possess a charming temperament, being extremely lovable, fond and clever, and typically recognized for their fluffy derrieres. Opting to welcome this breed into your home will undoubtedly prove to be a satisfying decision.

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