“The Purrfect Companion: Instagram’s Beloved Heterochromatic and Polydactyl Cat Finds New Home and Fans”

Meet Sansa, a delightful five-year-old white feline hailing from the Big Apple. Unfortunately, Sansa’s life wasn’t always so paw-some. When she was only a year and a half old, her former caretakers neglected and deserted her, leaving her to fend for herself.

Luckily, she eventually found her forever home with Karen, who adopted her and helped her rise to social media fame.

Sansa is showered with abundant affection and recognition on the platform of Instagram.

Karen mentioned that numerous individuals have shared their admiration for Sansa’s distinctive features, such as her heterochromatic eyes and additional toes.

She came into the world with an uncommon condition called heterochromia, which gives her the distinct feature of having two eye colors that are not the same – a blue one and a green one.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that this charming feline has a unique feature known as polydactyly. This means that she was born with an excess number of toes. Specifically, she boasts six digits on each of her front paws and either four or five digits on her back paws. Keep reading to discover more about this lovable kitty!

During a conversation with Bored Panda, Karan shared that she and her partner Jack welcomed Sansa into their family in July 2016. The couple adopted the little girl from an adoption event held at a Petco located in Manhattan when she was just 1.5 years old.

According to Karen, the dog they rescued was left behind by her previous owners, but they don’t have any idea why. The pooch is currently around 5 years old and will be turning 6 on December 1, although this date is just an estimate since they don’t have any records about her background.

Karen shared that Sansa needed a considerable amount of time to adjust to her new living environment. At first, the furry creature was quite frightened and timid. In fact, whenever any family member opened the front door, she would make a run for it and hide behind the TV console or in the closet. However, after several months, Sansa began to warm up to her new family and slowly started to trust them. She eventually became more comfortable and even started to hang out closer to them.

Sansa adores trailing behind Karen and her spouse throughout their home. She always manages to secure her designated spot on their laps and possesses the knack for obtaining everything she desires.

According to Karen, her adorable feline named Sansa is very affectionate and has a calm and loving demeanor.

She has a huge fondness for treats and willingly poses for them. “This is my secret to capturing her photos!”

Karen shared that her cat has a funny way of demanding to be fed every evening. Whenever she’s hungry, the feline would purposely position herself in the middle of the hallway, blocking Karen’s path to the kitchen. She’d then stare at her empty food bowl to make her point more apparent.

When it’s time for breakfast in the morning, my feline friend will begin meowing incessantly. If we don’t respond, she will climb onto our nightstands and deliberately knock items off one by one until we finally wake up!

As per the owner, the furry friend began by placing a paw on their leg and gradually got comfortable enough to rest its head on their lap. The moment the pet finally sat on their lap, it brought tears of joy to the owner’s eyes.

Even though she has made progress, she still tends to become anxious and frightened by sudden loud noises like thunderstorms, dogs barking outside, and other similar things. In these situations, she tends to cower away and hide in some dark corner. Whenever we take her to the veterinarian, she becomes completely inactive inside her carrier, and we can feel her body trembling with fear. Despite all this, she has managed to overcome many of her fears and become more comfortable with us.

Sansa has finally found her forever home, which she truly deserves. Karen and Jack aim to spread awareness about the adoption of cats with special needs or genetic differences, just like Sansa.

To all those who adore Sansa, it’s worth taking a peek at her Instagram account to witness an array of captivating pictures and videos.

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