Transformed from Neglected to Beloved: An Uplifting Tale of a Pomeranian’s Rise to Instagram Fame

Dogs are often regarded as our most loyal companions, yet not all of them receive the love and care they deserve. Unfortunately, some people are cruel to animals, which is the sad fate that befell this Pomeranian dog. At just five months old, his breeder abandoned him because he was considered “too big to sell.” Fortunately, a kind-hearted New York-based artist named Kathy Grayson discovered him on Petfinder and adopted him right away.
Grayson was immediately drawn to Bert’s expressive eyes and decided to fly to Tulsa to fetch him. The shelter where Bert had been staying was sad to see him go, as he had become quite attached to the staff there. “It was a wonderful adventure,” Grayson said.

Bert has become a social media sensation, boasting an impressive 93k followers on Instagram. This indicates that not only his owner adores him, but also people from all around the world recognize his unique charm. Surprisingly, Bert has another occupation as an “art connoisseur” in his owner’s gallery called The Hole during his free time. The artist expressed great joy when visitors come to the gallery to see Bert or bring their pets to meet him. Everyone is welcome to visit the gallery and pet Bert, as it is free and open to the public.

Kathy, talking about the success of bertiebertthepom on social media, mentioned that Bert’s personality is amazing as he brings happiness to people’s lives. Cute animals are a perfect fit for social media, and Bert serves as an antidote to negativity. Scroll down and check out some adorable pictures of Bert! Interestingly, at only five months old, Bert was left by a dog breeder.

One possible paraphrasing could be:

The explanation given was that the puppy had reached a size that made it difficult to find a buyer.

Kathy Grayson, the owner of an art gallery in New York, discovered her new furry friend on a pet adoption website. She decided to adopt the cute pup and bring him to the city where they now live together.

According to Kathy, Bert has a laid-back and relaxed personality. He is also curious and playful in his behavior.

Bert is currently employed as an expert in art at Kathy’s art exhibition hall.

Since Bert was becoming more popular than the art gallery itself, I decided to create a separate Instagram account just for him. My followers were more interested in him than the paintings, and I needed to keep my page focused on my artwork.

It brings me immense joy when visitors drop by the gallery to spend some time with Bertie, or even better, when they bring their furry friends along to meet him. It’s always heartwarming to see the happiness Bertie brings to people.

The furry little dog is currently having a grand time calling New York its home.

Kathy isn’t taken aback by the fact that Bert has a whopping 95k followers on Instagram.

Bert is truly an amazing person who brings joy to everyone around him. It’s evident that the online world and social media platforms are specifically designed to showcase adorable animals since they serve as a counterbalance to the negativity that’s present everywhere else.

He just hit the 5-year milestone and marked the occasion with a grand birthday celebration.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous joyful years yet to be enjoyed.

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