“Unfair Reality: While Siblings Find Homes, Girl Endures Rejection and Hurtful Labels”

Throughout her brief existence, she has been labeled with numerous derogatory terms such as “unattractive,” “weird,” and “repulsive.” These are the types of hurtful remarks that individuals tend to utter when encountering something that deviates from the norm. Nevertheless, all she truly yearned for was simply to be cherished.

Folks were curious whether the poor creature had suffered severe burns from a blaze, or worse, if she was suffering from mange! Possum, as she was later named, came into this world to a wild feline. Her future owner, Stephanie, had a colleague who was doing her utmost to provide for the mother and her babies in her yard located in Central, North Carolina.

The litter of kittens was mostly healthy and Calico in appearance. However, there was one kitten that stood out as the runt – a grey kitten without much fur on her body. Despite Stephanie’s co-worker’s efforts to find homes for all the other kittens, no one seemed interested in taking Possum in.

Possum received some great news when she was about to be taken to a shelter that had a high rate of euthanasia for animals. According to Stephanie, who rescued Possum, the cat would have probably been put down if she ended up there. The situation in the South where Stephanie lives is not favorable for cats as they are not commonly seen as pets. In fact, some people even use them for sport, which is quite disheartening. There have been stories of individuals speeding up when they see cats on the road or using them as targets.

When Stephanie saw the appearance of Possum, she felt uncertain about the cat’s chances of getting adopted. However, Stephanie saw perfection in Possum and decided to become her mother. Though Stephanie’s other cats were not initially receptive towards Possum and bullied her a little, Stephanie made sure to show Possum a lot of love.

Stephanie admitted that it still stings when she hears negative comments about her beloved Possum. However, she finds comfort in the fact that her furry friend remains blissfully unaware of the hurtful remarks. In fact, Stephanie was pleasantly surprised when the cable man who came over to fix something a few weeks ago complimented Possum and called her “stunning.” The unexpected praise left Stephanie feeling overjoyed and grateful.

According to Possum’s veterinarian, she could possibly be a unique feline breed called the rarekoi or Werewolf cat. To learn more about this unusual cat, check out the provided link. Don’t forget to share Possum’s tale with your fellow cat enthusiasts so they can appreciate it as well.

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