Unleash the Mystery Behind Why These Adorable Dogs are Called Oreo Cloud and Chief

When Sara Hamilton decided to post some pictures of her beloved furry friend on the Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, she had no idea that it would change her dog’s life forever. It wasn’t long before the pictures went viral and received thousands of reactions and comments from Facebook users who were immediately drawn to the cute ball of fluff. Many even tagged their friends to take a look at this adorable pup.

Chief, as he’s really called by Sara, is a dog with a unique coat that resembles a cloud, hence the nickname “Oreo cloud”. According to his owner, Chief is a favorite because he looks like an Oreo Mcflurry fluff. But his endearing appearance is not the only thing that makes him special. Chief is also intelligent, calm, and well-behaved, and he’s on his way to becoming a therapy dog.

The name “Chief” was bestowed upon this furry friend because of his natural leadership qualities, making him a born leader rather than a follower. Another reason for choosing this name is his expected weight of approximately eighty-five pounds when he reaches maturity. Impressively, this Doggo was already fully potty-trained at just eight weeks of age, showing that he is a quick learner and very well-behaved.

It seems like Chief is quite protective as he always sleeps near the main door at night. Don’t you think his name suits him perfectly? This cute little Oreo-colored cloud loves to snuggle and take naps on top of people. He also holds the title of being the loudest snorer in the household. Chief enjoys taking baths and gets jealous when his humans take a bath without inviting him.

Sara shared that they were introduced to this delightful candy fluff not too long ago, just about a week ago. It was perfect timing as they now have a lot of time to spend with their new puppy. They were ecstatic to welcome this fur baby into their lives, who travelled all the way from Omaha, Nebraska, which was quite an adventure spanning 1,700 miles to reach their home in Northern California! The couple felt that this was the ideal time to expand their family after getting married, and looking at this adorable pup, they knew it was the best decision they ever made.

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Credits to theoreocloud/Instagram and Facebook for providing more information on the image.

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