Unstoppable Mama Cat and Polydactyl Kitten Show Off Their Impressive Strut

People often say that kittens inherit their traits from their mothers, and the same holds true for the adorable kitty with more than the usual number of toes in this tale. Initially struggling to move around, this tenacious little cat refused to give up and gradually gained strength as time went by.

Sarasota, a mother cat, and her sole kitten, Summer, were brought to a shelter in Los Angeles, USA. However, the shelter staff discovered that Summer was suffering from Swimmer’s Syndrome, which caused her hind legs to be splayed apart, making it impossible for her to walk unaided. Consequently, the shelter was forced to transfer Summer to another person’s care.

Fortunately, Alley Cat Rescue came to the aid of Summer and Sarasota, who had been struggling due to similar complications. Summer received frequent massages, leg stretches, and was motivated to stand up on her own. Over time, Summer’s condition gradually improved, despite being unable to walk properly like the other kittens at first. Nevertheless, with endless support and care from her mother and caretakers, Summer persevered and made significant progress in her development. She eventually became capable of standing on all four legs and taking small steps forward.

Summer didn’t let her weakness get in the way of her determination to beat her illness, and she managed to do just that thanks to her strong willpower and resilience. Over time, she was able to walk and run like any other cat, which was a cause for celebration among everyone who knew her. When Summer finally climbed up the cat tree on her own one day, her mother Sarasota was just as thrilled as everyone else. With a lot of effort and care, Summer made a full recovery.

Observing her young felines blossom with strength and vitality brought immense joy to Sarasota, who was content in her own right. She expressed gratitude for the comforts of a secure and cozy abode and the affection bestowed upon her until she could fully unveil her inherent traits. Despite her earlier disability, akin to that of her mother, Summer’s exuberance and loving nature shone through brilliantly, as she transformed into a vivacious and cheerful kitten that enjoyed a fulfilling existence.

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