Unwavering Devotion: A Canine’s 10-Day Watch over its Human’s Resting Place

Capitan, a loyal German shepherd, has been dutifully safeguarding the grave of his beloved owner for six years. Even though Miguel Guzman, his owner, has passed away, Capitan has remained steadfast in his loyalty and devotion. It was initially believed that Capitan had disappeared after Miguel’s death in 2006. However, the Guzman family found the dog near Miguel’s final resting place in central Argentina, where he has been keeping watch ever since.

The following Sunday, we revisited the graveyard where Damian easily located his beloved animal companion. Capitan ran towards us while barking and whimpering excitedly. Veronica was taken aback, revealing that Capitan had never been to the cemetery previously, adding to the enigma of the situation. She couldn’t help but ponder how Capitan navigated his way to the cemetery.

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